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ChinaVR'13, China & ICVRV2013 Held in NPU
2013-09-18 16:32   NPU News 审核人:

On September 14-15, ChinaVR'13 & ICVRV 2013 was held in Xi'an, China, by Northwestern Polytechnical University, at the International Conference Center on campus. This conference was sponsored by China Computer Federation (CCF), co-sponsored by the VR and Visualization Committee of China Computer Federation, the VR committee of China Society of Image and Graphics, the VR Committee of the China System Simulation Association, the Digital Entertainment Committee of the China System Simulation Association, and IEEE Computer Society, and was held by NPU Shaanxi Provincial Key Laboratory of Speech & Image Information Processing.

Virtual reality and visualization is a cross-technology of wide applications with computer technology as the core. This technolgoy is one of the three priority projects in information field supported by government inGuidelines on National Medium- and Long-term Program for Science and Technology Development(2006-2020). It is also one of the 21stcentury 14 crucial challenges issued by American National Academy of Engineering in 2008. Virtual reality technology is reckoned as the third way to know about and change the world, besides the theory study and science experiment, and has made its great achievements in research and economy.

The conference has received 218 papers in Chinese and accepted 87, with the ratio of 39.91%, among which 81 will be published byJournal of System Simulation. The rest of the 6 papers would be recommended toChinese Journal of ComputersandJournal of Computer-Aided Design & Computer Graphics.The papers in English are 180 and 68 were accepted, with the ratio of 37.78%, among which 60 will be accepted by IEEE CPS and the other 8 would be recommended toSpringer Transaction on Entertainment.

183 scholars from home and abroad attended the conference. Prof. Mateu Sbert, University of Girona, Spain; Prof. Enhua Wu, State Key Lab of CS, Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Macau; Prof. Shi-Min Hu, Tsinghua University; Prof. Hujun Bao, Zhejiang University; Prof. Yongtian Wang, Beijing Institute of Technology; Prof. Guoping Wang, Beijing University; Prof. Zhigeng Pan, Hangzhou Normal University, have made the key note speeches. Scholars and experts from wide fields made prospective academic exchanges on Machine Vision, Computer Simulation, Virtual Reality, Data Visualization and Optical Display Technology. Some of the experts offered the opinions on research strategy and standards completion and implementation, to have aroused a positive response.