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Application Procedures
2013-12-27 13:18   审核人:
  1. Qualification of Applicants:

1. Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens, and in good healthy.

2. Academic experience and age of the applicant:

– Bachelor candidates should have completed high school.

– Master candidates should have completed a bachelor degree.

– PhD candidates should have completed their Master Degree.

3. Applicants should have good academic marks.

4. Applicants should have a stronger capacity in scientific research.

Application Documents Required:

1.Applicants should filloutthe Application Form for Northwestern Polytechnical University.

(You can download the form at:HERE

2.Notarized highest diploma or certificate required. If the applicant is studying at a university or working in a company, He/she has to submit the school transcript(notifying graduation time) or proof produced by his/her university or company. If the certificate is not in English or Chinese, it has to be notarized in English or Chinese.

3.Manuscripts or notarized manuscripts if they areinneither English nor Chinese.

4.One photocopy of passport and two passport photos taken in recent time.

5.Study plan in English or Chinese (applicants for post graduate programs).

6.Recommendation letters in English or Chinese by two professors or assistant professors(applicants for post graduate programs).

7. Copy of published theses or academic achievements (if any).

8. Physical Examination Form(Download at http://english.nwpu.edu.cn/16.pdf). Applicants should closely follow strictly the requirements of the Physical Examination Form. It will be invalid if there is a page missing,if there is no photo or no seal on the perforation,or if there is no signature by the hospital or doctoron the form. The result of the examination will be valid for 6 months. Please arrange the time of your physical examination appropriately.

9. Clearance Certificate provided by local police station authorized by the Chinese Embassy in the applicant’s country and its Chinese translation.


1.The result of the application will be finalizedatthe end of June every year.

2. The students admitted can not change theirmajor and duration of study.