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New Era, New Mission and New Journey --- A New Year Letter from Zhang Wei and Wang Jinsong

2018-01-02 09:50  

Dear faculty, staff, students and NPU alumni home and abroad, 

Happy New Year!

As a new year begins, everything takes on a new look. The year 2017, like the most highly colored part of a picture, witnessed its spectacular achievements in steadily promoting the 13thFive Year Plan for economic and social development and marked a crucial year in comprehensively deepening its all-round reform. 

In 2017, we carried through the rectification and reform under the inspection work led by the Central Leading Group, which motivated us to work for better with higher passion and enthusiasm. This year, NPU was awarded the first “National Civilization Campus”, following the honorary title of “National Civilized Unit” in 2011, which is another iconic achievement in promoting schoolcultural and ideologicalprogress. This year, we were also selected among the list of A-class universities participating in the national construction plan of first-class universities and first-class disciplines, known as the “Double-First Class” Initiative, which undoubtedly lays a solid foundation for future sustainable development of a higher level. 

In the past year, in pursuit of a first-rate university, we persisted in the principle of connotative development with our distinguishing features. The strength of NPU in scientific research in the service of national strategic plan has been again demonstrated in various areas: the UAV formation developed independently by NPU was once again on parade at Zhurihe training base in celebration of the 90thfounding anniversary of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, following its debut at the military parade celebrating the 60thanniversary of the People’s Republic of China; the open school system has been further established since the founding of Shenzhen Research Institute and Qingdao Research Institute, and the further development of Beijing Research Institute, East China Research Institute and international campus construction; additional 40 were added in the honorary list ofChangjiang Scholars Programand “the Thousand Talents Plan”. 

In the past year, the social influence of NPU has been promoted to a higher level as the major media including CCTV,, Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily, and Guangming Daily, etc. have reported dozens of the news about the school, such as “NPU sending out the first AR admission letter in China”, and “NPU home field activities on China Space Day”, etc. Moreover, within this year, there frequently came good news from NPU alumni in various fields: 10 have been selected as members or alternate members of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and the special committees; 4 elected as academicians of the ChineseA cademy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering; and 7 honored withFengRuAviation TechnologyElite Award, which is the highest award in the field of aviation technology of China. In addition, a large number of alumni have made their great contributions in the research and maiden flights of C919, the homegrown large passenger jet and AG600, another homegrown large amphibious plane.

Looking back to the past year 2017, we take our pride in what we have done; looking toward the next year 2018, we hold our hope and belief in what we will do. We believe that “follow your original aspiration and you will succeed”. Let us strive together, hand in hand, with our faith and endeavor, in pursuit of the new mission in a new era. Let us devote ourselves and make greater contributions, as a present to the school’s 80thbirthday, and as a new journey ofthe “Double-First Class” Initiative program.

Thank you all and happy new year! 

Zhang Wei, Chairman of University Affairs Committee of Northwestern Polytechnical University

Wang Jinsong, President of Northwestern Polytechnical University



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