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 News

Northwestern Polytechnical University holds an international seminar on Machinery Vision and Intelligent Processing

2018-07-06 17:55  

June 30,Co-sponsored and co-organized by Northwestern Polytechnical University, Australian National University, Mississippi State University, Information Acquisition and Processing (IAP) Shaanxi Province Key Laboratory and International Joint Research Center,The Electronics Institute of Shaanxi Province, International Digital Earth Society China Spectral Imaging Earth Observation Observatory, the 2018 International Workshop on Machine Vision and Intelligent Processing (MVIP'18) was held in Xi'an.

The honorary chairman of the conference, the academician of the Australian Academy of Sciences, the professor of the Australian National University, and the academician of our school, Academician Hartley, sent a congratulatory letter. The chairman of the conference, IEEE Fellow, and Professor Du Qian of the Mississippi State University gave an opening speech. Professor Zhang Weihong, the vice president of our school, delivered a congratulatory message on behalf of the school. He introduced the construction and development of Northwestern Polytechnical University, expressed his welcome and congratulations to the guests and representatives attending the meeting, thanked the members of the organizing committee for their hard work, and wished the meeting Achieved a complete success. The chairman of the conference, the director of the Key Laboratory of Information Acquisition and Processing in Shaanxi Province and the International Joint Center, the vice chairman of the Shaanxi Institute of Electronics, and Professor He Mingyi of the School of Electronics and Information, introduced the background and theme of the joint initiative of the seminar. He said that artificial intelligence mainly imitates human sensory organs (information sensing), thinking organs (information processing) and effect organs (information manipulation) and serves human society. The core and difficulty of artificial intelligence is to imitate the intelligent information processing of brain thinking system.

Machine vision is an extension of human vision and is widely used in industrial inspection, digital life, traffic surveillance, unmanned or robotic vision systems, especially in aerospace earth observation, ocean surveillance, deep space exploration and so on. Since about 85% of human-perceived information is visual information obtained through the human eye and the machine, machine vision and intelligent processing naturally become the core direction of artificial intelligence. Under the support of the National Natural Science Foundation's key international cooperation project, the China Scholarship Council's innovative talent training international cooperation project and the construction of the Shaanxi International Cooperation Base, the University has carried out multi-faceted international cooperation with the Australian National University and the Mississippi State University,acquiring the CVPR 2012 Best Paper Award, the APSIPA17 Deep and Machine Learning Best Paper Award, and other high-visibility landmarks in this field. On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the founding of our school, they launched and organized an international seminar on 2018 “Machinery Vision and Intelligent Processing” in Xi'an, inviting domestic and foreign counterparts to exchange research results and explore further deeper and broader integration of science and education and global cooperation, with far-reaching significance. The theme of the seminar is: Perceive the world's information, cultivate the world's talents, and jointly explore the technological innovation of machine vision intelligence and the integration of science and education.

The opening ceremony of MVIP’18 was hosted by the Executive Chairman of the Conference, Deputy Director of the International Joint Center for Information Acquisition and Processing in Shaanxi Province, and Professor Dai Yuchao from the School of Electronic Information Engineering.

Also attending the meeting were Sun Mingliang, Party Secretary of the School of Electronics and Information, Feng Xiaoyi, Vice President, Li Yun, Vice President of the Institute of Science and Technology, Su Haijun, Deputy Director of the Department of International Cooperation, Zhang Fuli, Deputy Director of the International Cooperation Department, and key information acquisition and processing in Shaanxi Province. Feng Yan, deputy director of the room, Wu Jun, director of the Department of Information Engineering. After the opening ceremony, the conference organized 14 invited reports and an exhibition. IEEE Fellow, editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Remote Sensing Applications, Professor Du Qian, Mississippi State University, Researcher Li Hongdong, Chief Scientist, National Robotic Vision Engineering Center, Australian National University, IEEE Fellow, Professor Zhang Qingfu from the City University of Hong Kong, Changjiang Scholars, 10,000-strong talents Professor Xiong Hongkai from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Changjiang Scholar, IEEE Fellow, Professor Zhu Ce, University of Electronic Science and Technology, Excellent teacher in Beijing, Professor Zhang Liqiang from Beijing Normal University, You Qing, Professor Gu Yanfeng from Harbin Institute of Technology, You Qing, Researcher at the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Gao Lianru, Researcher, You Qing, Tsinghua University, Liu Yubin, Associate Professor He Xuming, Shanghai University of Science and Technology, Australian Commonwealth Science and Technology Industrial Research Organization, Dr. You Shaodi,and Professor He Mingyi, Professor Dai Yuchao and Associate Professor Mei Shaohui of our university have made 14 high-level conference reports.

Reporting topics brought by experts at home and abroad include the progress and prospects of international cooperation in machine vision and intelligent processing, hyperspectral remote sensing image processing, multi-objective evolutionary computing, 3D video, deep learning multimedia signal processing, 3D reconstruction of single camera dynamic scenes, and remote sensing.,Image interpretation, multi-mode hyperspectral remote sensing image processing, dynamic scene understanding, intelligent hyperspectral observation theory methods, real-time 3D reconstruction, time series pattern learning, physics-based machine vision and video summarization, and other frontier topics of machine vision and intelligent processing.

More than 200 experts and scholars from home and abroad attended the meeting and visited the exhibition for warm exchanges and discussions. The meeting was a complete success.

Liu Bowen


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