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 News

The robot team of Northwestern Polytechnical University achieved great success in the 23rd FIRA RoboWorld Cup

2018-08-30 19:43  

During August 6th-12th, the 23rd FIRA (International Robot Alliance) RoboWorld Cup was held in Taichung City, Taiwan. The Competitive Robot Base of Northwestern Polytechnical University sent a representative team to participate in this competition and won 5 championships. Among them, the SimuroSot (soccer robot) project won all the championships to achieve a grand slam, and team members also achieved a breakthrough to win the gold medal in the Air Challenge project. In the end, Northwestern Polytechnical University came out in front in the medal ranking and came out top among all universities from China.

The FIRA RoboWorld Cup is organized by the Federation of International Robot Soccer Association (FIRA) . This Cup is held every year and has been held 23 times. It is one of the famous top-level robotics science and technology competitions in the world. Teams from many countries, such as China, USA, Canada, Germany, South Korea, Iran, Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and other countries and regions take part in the 23rd FIRA RoboWorld Cup. All participants are students from science and engineering universities. The number of participants is about 800. The teams competed in five major items, including SimuroSot, RoboSot, HuroSot, AndroSot and Air. There are fierce competitions in all the project. After accepting the invitation from the organizing committee, NPU team members took eight months and more than 240 days to make preparations, abandoning their holidays and weekends, devoting themselves to the competition, striving to be the best in all aspects, showing the spirit of Northwestern Polytechnical University.

The soccer robot project is an advantages of the NPU Competitive Robot Base. After years of independent research and development, NPU team has mastered many advanced techniques such as robot situation assessment on the football field, robotic autonomous obstacle avoidance, multi-robot collaborative combat and robot intelligent decision-making. In the face of the new rules in this year's competition, NPU team members calmly responded and continued to take advantage of the traditional advantages and won all the championships of the project.

In the Air competitive robot project, NPU team continuously innovated on the basis of the original research, and finally completed tasks including automatic line inspection, identification of QR codes, search and rescue of wounded, troubleshooting of towers and delivery of express package. They integrated unmanned technology on the drones. Universities and laboratories from home and abroad sent their sincere admirations and praise to the team for their excellent performance. NPU team finally won 2 champions and 1 3rd place in the Air Competition, achieving a breakthrough in the competition.

The FIRA President presented an award to our award-winning students of the Fira Air Challenge Project

Project team photo with referee

The players are playing.

This year, under the guidance and strong support of the Graduate School, the International Cooperation Office, and the School of Computer Science, the NPU Competitive Robot Base has achieved outstanding results in various competitions. The Competitive Robot Group is one of the key postgraduate-level innovation practice Groups of the school. Relying on the Graduate Innovation Center and the Computer College, in recent years, it has a good foundation in hardware conditions, practical teaching, teaching staff and laboratory management, etc. A certain feature has contributed to the development of innovative talents and innovation in robotics at Northwestern Polytechnical University. At present, the Competitive Robot Group has conducted in-depth research on robotic design, coordinated motion planning, intelligent control methods, and multi-robot intelligent group decision-making. It has become an important practice group for cultivating students' scientific spirit, inspiring innovation, achieving creativity, promoting innovation and even entrepreneurship. The Competitive Robot Group is affiliated with the School of Computer Science and is open to all students. It embraces multi-disciplinary integration. The 2019 FIRA RoboWold Cup will be held in South Korea. Come and join us to create miracles together!

By:Gao Chuanxiang.


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