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 News

The 7th Conference on Vibration Theory and Application in Shaanxi was held in Xi’an

2018-11-14 09:05  

On October 27th, organized by Shaanxi Vibration Engineering Society and co-organized by School of Mechanics, Civil Engineering and Architecture, Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) and Complex System Dynamics and Control main lab of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the 7th Conference on Vibration Theory and Application in Shaanxi was successfully held in China Aircraft Strength graduate school. More than 20 colleges, aviation and aerospace units from Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xidian University, China Aircraft Strength graduate school, Xi'an Aerospace Propulsion graduate school, Xi'an Aero Engine Group Corporation, etc. attended this meeting. The purposes of this meeting are providing a platform for scholars and institutions engaged in vibration engineering theory and methods to communicate and discuss in depth, and promoting the closely combination of vibration engineering theory and method and practical application. Professor Xu Yong from Northwestern Polytechnical University and the director of Shaanxi Vibration Engineering Society, presided over the conference.

At the opening ceremony, Cao Qi, deputy director of China Aircraft Strength graduate school, introduced developments of Aviation Noise and Dynamics Aviation main lab, Structural Impact Dynamics Aviation Technology main lab and related labs in recent years, and provided an outlook of the future of the vibration related majors. Prof. Li Dong, deputy dean of School of Mechanics, Civil Engineering and Architecture, Northwestern Polytechnical University introduced basic condition of mechanics in our school in detail, and reviewed history of mechanics in our school. He also expressed heartfelt thanks of the continued support from conventioners. Then, Prof. Deng Zichen, dean of school of Aeronautics, NPU and distinguished professor of the Changjiang Scholars, delivered a welcome speech, expressed thanks of scholars’ support. He hoped that all units should strengthen exchanges and cooperation to promote the development in vibration field and the exploitation and application of new technologies.


In the special report session, Prof. Niu Ditao, vice-president of Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, Dr. Ma Junfeng of China Aircraft Strength graduate school, Prof. Wang Minqing of NPU, Prof. Jiang Shuyun of Southeast University, made special reports. Attendees shared their experience on academic issues and practical engineering issues in the field of vibration, the atmosphere of the venue was very warm. The 7th Conference on Vibration Theory and Application organized the 2018 Science and Technology Award, the Youth Science and Technology Award and excellent doctoral thesis. Applicants reported on the excellent work of their respective teams actively and conscientiously. Finally, the conference gave prize winners an awards.

During the meeting, Shaanxi Vibration Engineering Society held a meeting of all directors, reported and communicated on the next steps and development plans of the conference.

Awards at this conference:

Science and Technology Award

Project name: Dynamic Characteristics and Vibration Control of Marine Rotor-bearing System. (First prize)

Project name: Dynamic Modeling and Analysis of Stochastic Nonlinear Economic System. (Second prize)

Project name: Structural Damage Assessment Theory and Repair Technology Research of Existing Civil Air Defense. (Third prize)

the Youth Science and Technology Award:

Zhao Ming (Xi’an Jiaotong University)Zhou Shengxi (Northwestern Polytechnical University)Yue Xiaodong (Northwestern Polytechnical University)Li Zigang (Xi’an University of Science and Technology)Fan Hongwei (Xi’an University of Science and Technology)

Excellent doctoral thesis:

Paper title: Research on Coherent Resonance and Dynamics Characteristics of Nonlinear energy harvesting system

Name: Li Haitao    Supervisor: Prof. Qin Weiyang (NPU)

Paper title: Investigation on Nonlinear Dynamic Characteristics of Journal Bearing-rod Fastening Rotor System

Name: Hei Di       Supervisor: Prof. Lu Yanjun(Xi’an University of Technology)

Paper title:  Stochastic Dynamics Transition Study in Typical Rough Potential Function with Lévy Noise

Name: Li Yongge    Supervisor: Prof. Xu Yong(NPU)


Writer: Qin JieGu XudongYang YongfengWu Qinyu


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