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 News

Entrepreneur Teams of Northwestern Polytechnical University Achieve Great Success in Kyoto International Entrepreneurship Contest for University Students 2018

2018-12-06 21:31  

On November 26, “Kyoto International Entrepreneurship Contest for University Students 2018”, jointly organized by China Association Education for International Exchange, The Executive Committee of International Entrepreneurship Contest for University Students, co-organized by Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Osaka, Hyogo Prefecture (province), Science and Technology Province in Japan, and Hyogo Prefectural University Alliance, and hosted by Global Education Service (GES), was held in the beautiful Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

Being the representative Entrepreneur Teams of our university, the team “Ocean Unmanned Intelligent Environmental Protection Ship” established by Zhu Jiannan who is a doctoral student in School of Navigation and the team “Health Guardian” founded by Cheng Yashuai who is an undergraduate student in School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering have been to Japan to participate in this contest. Three teachers in our university, Zheng Xi, Dean of Taicang Research Institute, Wang Zenglei, Dean of Qingdao Research Institute, and Li Xia, representative of Student Affairs Department of the Party Committee, accompanied these two teams to Kyoto and guided them to compete for better results.

The theme of this competition is “Communication, IT, Technology, Environmental Improvement, New Energy, Healthcare, Biomedicine, Traditional Culture and Cultural Creativity”. And 18 entrepreneurial teams from China, Japan and Korea entered the finals with different projects related to Artificial Intelligence, Health Monitoring, RFID and other fields.

At the same time, the “5th Japan-China Education Exchange Conference” was held in Awaji Island. Four teachers in our university who are Vice President Zhang Weihong, Minister of Student Affairs of the Party Committee Zhang Kaifu, Deputy Director of the International Cooperation Department Zhang Fuli, and teacher Luo Mingyang were invited to attend this meeting. After hearing the news that two representative teams were preparing competitions there, they particularly came to visit the team members and to encourage them to achieve their potential!

After two days’ intensive entrepreneurship training and preparations and on the basis of their clear divisions of tasks, complete preparations, solidarity and outstanding presentations, these two teams were at their best in the finals as the “Ocean Unmanned Intelligent Environmental Protection Ship” team won the third prize with a reward of 100,000 yen and the “Health Guardian” team won the “Excellence Award”, which fully showed the innovative and practical student character of Northwestern Polytechnical University.

On the platform of international exchange programs, the students not only received the honor of the certificate, but also are exposed to culture, values and a bigger view to see the world. Looking back at this trip, let’s see some comments from the participants.


“I am very fortunate to represent the Northwestern Polytechnical University to Japan to participate in the competition. I am very happy, stressed and motivated. When I first arrived in Japan, I was shocked by the high level of order in the Japanese society which could be reflected in almost all aspects of their life. I am more than happy to have the opportunity to compete with the participants around the world at the same sight and I felt the passion of the world’s leading entrepreneurial teams as well. I was impressed by one of the comments our judge gave: ‘Give yourself an opportunity to go out and to feel different cultures from one place to another’. There are a lot of good ideas out there. This competition has made me see a different world, have a clearer goal, and make my team better!”

“Five days, I have seen many customs that I have never seen before and many excellent projects. And I have learned about the similarities and differences between domestic and foreign projects. In my conversation with President Zhang, I understand that both the technology used in the project and the communication skills are very important.”

“The competition is very hard but full of meanings. As a main respondent, I am very grateful to my team members for giving me strength and help. The team has worked together to make us achieve the final good results. Also I am very thankful to my university for giving us the opportunity to learn. And many thanks should be given to Miss. Li for her careful attention, guidance, and companionship.”

“On the trip to Japan, together with students from all over the world, I participated in the competition, exchanged ideas, collided with the new ideas, and I experienced the Japanese customs and culture especially the great sense of garbage classification, time concept and strict self-discipline of the whole society. I am very touched and it is worth learning.”

“The trip to Japan made me feel the high life quality of Japanese citizens and I am amazed. There are still many things for us to improve. These days are very tired, but I also gained a lot. I have met many new friends and I hope there will be more chances like this offered to students. I am grateful to our university for providing us with such a good learning opportunity!”

“The trip to Japan allowed me to see many excellent projects, detect the similarities and differences between domestic and foreign entrepreneurs. Most importantly, I realized the importance of project packaging positioning. This is a worthwhile learning journey.”

“The competition has made me gain friendship and growth. We spent two days polishing PPT, and debating fiercely in the group. We worked day after night. We always keep in mind that we are a team, and we are all from Northwestern Polytechnical University and we are the representatives of our university. We were not familiar with each other at the very beginning but in the end we became close friends with each other. I learned to be inclusive and collaborative, and also met many foreign students and professors, so the whole journey is full of good memories.”

This competition is not only a competitive stage for entrepreneurial students, but also a communication platform for exploring ideas internationally. On the international stage, the students got more exercise and growth. Hopefully more and more students from our university can get exercise on the international stage, and have more opportunities to show the talents of Northwestern Polytechnical University as well as make our university a better educational institution.



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