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Strive Ahead, Set Out Again---2019 New Year Greetings from Zhang Wei and Wang Jin​song

2019-01-04 16:04  

Dear teachers, students and alumni home and abroad,

As the new year bell rang, we have stepped into the splendid year of 2019. At this special moment, we would like to extend our greetings and best wishes to everyone from NPU. Happy New Year!

The past year 2018 was an extraordinary year for all NPU people when the developmental goals of the 19th National Congress were furthered implemented, when China celebrated its 40th anniversary of Reform and Opening-up Policy, and a crucial time when the university steadily carried out the 13th Five-Year Plan and accelerated its constriction of “Double-First Class Initiative”. In 2018, under the leadership of MIIT and CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee, NPU was striving forward in a concerted effort as the comprehensive reforms were continuously deepened and various causes were boosting.

This year, guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese characteristics for a New Era, we further implemented the spirits of the 19th National Congress, National Education Conference and National Conference on Ideological and Political Work of Higher Education. By adhering to the principles of upholding the Party’s overall leadership, strictly administering the Party in an all-around way and running school under socialism, we carried out the fundamental task of enhancing morality and fostering talents to run satisfying education, and we strictly implemented the special inspection and rectification requirements by the Party leading group of MIIT to ensure that the inspection and rectification work was carried out with a high degree of political responsibility and ensure that the rectification work was effective.

This year, the university’s talent training level was further improved and the university successfully passed the examination and evaluation of the Ministry of Education. The operation and management of undergraduate education were constantly perfected. In the quadrennial selection of National Teaching Achievement Awards, the number of awards ranked top among the universities in China, and top as well among the universities affiliated to MIIT. The quality of enrollment and employment has been well developing.

This year, the university’s scientific research and innovation capability has been continuously enhanced. The funds for scientific and technological activities have maintained double-digit growth. The university’s scientific research funds have increased by 31%. The number of projects approved by NSFC has reached a record high. Academic papers cited by ESI were sharply increasing, among which a number of results have been published in the current issue or series of sub-journals of Nature and Science. NPU has won a great number of awards, including the national science and technology award, national defense science and technology innovation team award, first prize of Shaanxi science and technology award. The international top academic conferences in aeronautics, astronautics, marine science and network were held successfully in NPU.

This year, the university has gradually expanded its high-level teaching staff, adding more than 60 teaching and researching talents with provincial and ministerial titles including foreign academicians, talents from National Thousand Talents Plan, young and middle-aged leading talents in scientific and technological innovation of the Ministry of Science and Education, outstanding young people from National Thousand Young People Plan, Ten Thousand Young People Plan, and Provincial Thousand Talents Plan.

This year the university has opened its door to a wider range. Through various exchange programs abroad, nearly 2,000 students have been selected and sent, and more than 2,000 international students from 65 countries are studying in schools. Besides, NPU initiated the establishment of China-Australia union of engineering universities, hosted the 10th anniversary celebration of the Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization and the Global Partnership Week, constantly expanded the global “circle of friends”, and constructed Taicang campus and institutes of other places at a steady pace.

This year, the university has made new achievements in serving local economic and social development by holding a special activity of “Dreaming Back to Changan- the return of millions of alumni”, with a contract amount of more than 200 billion yuan. The establishment and operation of Shaanxi Aerospace Power Research Institute and the launch of “Shaanxi No. 1 satellite program have injected strong impetus into local economic development.

We are particularly pleased that this year, the university held a series of activities to celebrate the 80th anniversary, comprehensively summarizing the achievements and drawing a blueprint for future development. Three chief designers of aircrafts from the “best airline class” came on the stage for the first time. The university organized over 100 different kinds of academic activities, attracting more than 300 foreign guests from 67 universities and educational organizations of 27 countries and regions, signing 27 agreements of donation of about 520 million yuan, and getting publicity by CCTV Lecture Room and Nature, thus further improved its social reputation and international influence.

We are especially proud that this year, alumni from all walks of life in all parts of the world were making great achievements, such as China’s first female 01 commander, the national worker, Chinese design industry ten outstanding youth award winners, the “30 Under 30” elites, and academicians from Engineering Institute of Canada, etc.

Looking back at 2018, we will never forget our original intention and strive ahead! In the new year, we must gather our strength, as hard as possible, and then set out! Let’s welcome the 13th Party Congress of NPU with excellent results. Let’s write a new chapter on the way of accelerating the construction of “Double First-Class”!

Thank you all and happy new year

Zhang Wei, Chairman of University Affairs Committee of Northwestern Polytechnical University

Wang Jinsong, President of Northwestern Polytechnical University



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