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Learning How to Plan, Write, Revise and Publish Top Quality Papers in High Impact Journals

2019-11-15 10:43  

November 14th, 2019. A seminar about“Learning How to Plan, Write, Revise and Publish Top Quality Papers in High Impact Journals”was conducted in T-27 Coffee Hall; Youyi Campus. The seminar was hosted by International College, ISO; all foreign students from 2019 grade in the university attended this seminar. The keynote speaker, Umar Farooq Sahibzada,Ph.D. of Management and Engineering has done some successful top tier publications, international projects and workshops/seminars for students in well-reputed Chinese Universities.



Comments from Keynote Speaker“Umar Farooq Sahibzada”

Being a student in NPU is one of the best feelings I ever have. I started my Ph.D. in 2017 and being consistent with my goals and proper supervision; almost completed my Ph.D. in 1 year and 7 Months with all my departmental requirements. I feel honored for being credited by so many students in China. This workshop/seminar meant a lot to me because I wanted to contribute to my very own affiliated institution in terms of guiding new students from 2019 and briefly introduced to the students; the synopsis, work and the current situation of publications and research. Also enlightens students specifically about; Publication must be an important, if not the most important, part of the research process. However, writing research papers for academic journals is not easy and is also very competitive. In this session we discussed some tips and clues on how to shape a successful paper by explaining the reasons and motives behind publishing, finding the suitable journals, the publication process and how to position the research papers to make them more attractive and lastly how to write impressive “Introduction”. Furthermore, I gave an overview of how toshape dissertations, so students get some insights into the Ph. D and master’s dissertations. I really appreciated the professional work environment of Northwestern Polytechnical University.



Comments from Audience:

This seminar is in itself a great achievement of ISO, such seminars are very significant for the orientation of new students because these contribute A lot in the guidance of research. When most of the new graduates get enrolled in such high ranked institutions but they don't know how to Publish a Good research paper then such seminars contribute A lot.

There were several audiences which shows their seriousness and interest in this activity, but space was limited. Numerous listeners enthusiastically asked their questions after the lecture and Umar Farooq gave exceptional answers to them, which made students more motivated and structured about their studies. This seminar not only offers students the opportunity to write and publish successfully but also broadens their global view towards building international competitiveness.


Reporter/Ha Sang; Reviewer/Li Ziwei, International College


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