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 News

The Graduation Ceremony of the Second “Training Course for Ao’xiang Young Cadres” Was Held

2019-11-29 16:30  

On the afternoon of November 20th, the graduation ceremony of the second “Training Course for Ao’xiang Young Cadres” was held in Lecture Hall 2, Youyi Campus. All trainees attended the ceremony. Wan Xiaopeng, Vice Chairman of Board of Trustees, and Dai Fuping, Secretary of Party Committee of NPU and Director of Undergraduate Student Affairs Department of the NPU Committee of the CPC, attended the ceremony. The graduation ceremony was presided over by Qiu Ruojuan, Vice Secretary of Party Committee of NPU.

Qiu Ruojuan briefly summarized and reviewed the second “Training Course for Ao’xiang Young Cadres”. Since its opening on September 25th, 54 teachers from 24 government departments have participated in the training course. During the course, 9 special-topic lectures were organized on style construction, quality improvement, traditional culture, official document writing, integrity education and information construction, and 1 group psychological counseling was conducted. In addition, all trainees have been organized to give a lecture report on the theme of “never forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind”. The training course was rich in content and diverse in form, achieving the expected results.

Representatives Yang Wenjun, Fan Chao, Li Xiu and Qian Yaqun shared their experiences and gains during the training course in combination with their work. Everyone agreed that the training course has enriched their knowledge, exercised their ability and improved their quality. They will continue to strengthen their study, actively devote themselves to work, further give play to the vanguard power of young cadres, and contribute to the construction, reform and development of “Double First-rate” of the university.

All learning tasks of the training course have been completed successfully. Vice Chairman Wan Xiaopeng has issued Certificates of Completion to the representatives.

Dai Fuping shared the original intention of launching “Training Course for Ao’xiang Young Cadres”, fully affirmed the successful holding of this course, and put forward three requirements to all trainees: first, we should focus on continuous learning and constantly improve our political cultivation and professional skills; second, we should be able to apply and transform what we have learned; third, we should take the initiative to act, enhance our sense of mission and responsibility, and contribute to the development and construction of our university.

The second “Training Course for Ao’xiang Young Cadres” was successfully completed. The Organization Department of the NPU Committee of the CPC (NPU Party School) and Party Committee of NPU further analyzed the needs of young cadres. They will continue to do well in training courses for young cadres, strengthen the cultivation and improvement of the ability and quality of young cadres, and help the development of the university.

(Reporter/Yang Simin, Liu Kaixuan; Reviewer/Qiu Ruojuan, General Office of Party Committee)


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