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 News

Academician Alpatov Anatoliy of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and His Party Visited the School of Automation

2019-11-20 20:58  

On November 18, 2019, Academician Alpatov Anatoliy of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Researcher Khoroshylov Serhii, Researcher Palii Oleksandr, and Assistant Researcher Lapkhanov Erik visited the School of Automation. Professor Huang Panfeng, Dean of the School of Automation, Professor Li Aijun, Deputy Dean, Professor Li Weilin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Associate Professor Wang Changqing, Executive Deputy Director of the China-Russia International Space Tether System Research Center,International Secretary Li Jingchen, and China-Russia International Space Tether Student representatives from the System Research Center attended the meeting.


At the meeting, Academician Alpatov Anatoliy of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences said that he was honored to visit the Automation Institute of Northwestern Polytechnical University and introduced their main research progress in the field of aerospace engineering. , Russia's Samara University, the Canadian Space Agency and other international related organizations and scientific research institutes have close cooperation in space projects. The team has in-depth research in research fields including space tethering systems, observation and removal of space debris, solar space power stations, etc. . Academician Alpatov Anatoliy from Ukraine also shared a demonstration video of their team's simulation results in spacecraft dynamics, control, and system analysis during the introduction process, which deepened our understanding of their team's research in the application of space technology.


Dean Huang Panfeng warmly welcomed the visit of Academician Alpatov Anatoliy of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences on behalf of the Institute of Automation, and introduced the basic situation of our school from the aspects of the school's teaching staff, personnel training, scientific research, and international exchange. Subsequently, the two sides started discussions on future cooperation intentions. Dean Huang Panfeng expressed the hope that a China-Ukraine joint research institution could be established, cooperation projects should be established, and the two parties should carry out long-term cooperation and exchanges. Academician Alpatov Anatoliy of Ukraine also said that they believed in their technology and capabilities in the field of aerospace engineering, and were very willing to carry out in-depth scientific cooperation in related fields with the School of Automation of Western Technology University. After the meeting, the team of Academician Alpatov Anatoliy of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, accompanied by the leaders of our Academy, visited the Academy History Museum and took a group photo.

Reporter: Li Jingchen, Reviewer: Li Weilin


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