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 News

Master of Public Administration, School of Humanities and Economics Law Launches Thesis Exchange Meeting

2019-11-19 21:10  

At 2:00 pm on November 15, 2019, 18th and 19th masters, as well as the related teachers of the Faculty of Public Management of the Faculty of the MPA Center, focus on the opening of the 18th master's degree thesis and the 18th master summer sharing of the internship experience.

The head of the Department of Public Management, Professor Kou, first introduced the requirements for opening questions and the purpose of the meeting. Sun Shujie reported the research on the impact of rural land confirmation on farmers ’willingness to transfer land under the background of the “three chances”. Chen Xiaofei reported on the research on the governance of grassroots governments in the construction of characteristic towns from the perspective of collaborative governance. Xue Wan reported the research on Xi'an's grassroots government's integration capacity in the collaborative governance of public safety. Wei Liyuan reported on the performance evaluation study of local government purchasing community home care services. A multi-case comparative study of the impact, Li Ye reported on the research on innovation and diffusion of "Internet government services". Teachers such as Wang Chunping, Duan Jie, Kou Xiaodong, Zhang Ting, Shang Cunhui, Lai Shuang, etc. carried out a report on each reporter from the aspects of the thesis, the degree of clarity of the problem, research design, research methods, literature review, thesis framework, etc. Those teachers make detailed comments and make constructive suggestions for the revision of the opening report and subsequent writing of the thesis.

At the level 18 summer master's summer internship experience sharing meeting, Xue Wan and Yang Min exchanged their summer internship experience in relevant communities in Beiyuanmen Street, Lianhu District. Xue Wan focused on sharing some of the problems that he found during the internship, including "How does the 12345 complaint phone work?", "Who is the big tree in the residential courtyard to cut?", "Is the unannounced visit really an unannounced visit?" And so on. Yang Min used two typical communities as examples to explain the process of community residents' self-government and social capital accumulation and shared the experience of writing the opening report by taking the topic of his thesis as an example.

Mr. Kou Xiaodong summarized the intensive topic opening and exchange meetings. He asked the 18th-level masters to discuss the problems with the opening report as soon as possible to revise and improve with the respective supervisors. At the same time, he hoped that the 19th-level masters could grasp the public management research through this exchange Problem-oriented and practical characteristics, in advance in the topic selection, make full use of time.

Author: Yang Min, Reviewer: Zhang Qingjiang


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