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 News

Fight Against Virus丨Foreign Students in NPU:Go China,We Will Win

2020-02-05 23:05  

Recently, the outbreak of new coronavirus infection has caused widespread concern at home and abroad.

In NPU, the international students staying in school for winter vacation not only cooperated with teachers to do the epidemic prevention and control work but also gestured winning sign in the video call with the school counselor, they said: "Teacher, don't worry, we believe everything will be okay!"

They came from different countries and regions but all expressed the same aspirations for Wuhan and China! They used their own way to say the words in their hearts, picked up pen and paper to write warm wishes, and used the power of words to cheer for Wuhan and China, and conveyed their firm confidence in the victory of the battle against the virus.

Best wishes to Wuhan, Best wishes to China

Take our hands and overcome difficulties

Hope everyone in NPU starts from me

Stay together to welcome the victory!

(Translation: Wu Jinrui)


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