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 News

A Letter to All the International Students

2020-03-22 21:27  

At the beginning of the New Year, a sudden epidemic outbreak disrupted everyone's lives. From January 20 to now, we have experienced the most extraordinary winter vacation together. During this period, 1108 overseas students cooperated closely with the university and reported your health condition and holiday life on time every day,and actively carry out all the work smoothly.

The health and safety of students is always the biggest expectation and priority of our university. In accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, I sincerely hope that you can continue to cooperate with the school to achieve:

All the students please do not come back to our university and China in advance until further notice about the exact opening date is issued. The school will inform you immediately after the specific time of returning to university is determined. Please pay attention to your batch’s WeChat group and the WeChat Official Accounts of International college of NPU in time and keep in touch with teachers.

Given the spread trend of the novel coronavirus in some countries around the world, all overseas students please pay attention to the prevention of the virus and ensure safety of yourselves and your family members. Students can also actively recommend China's epidemic prevention experience to your own communities, and assist the local community in actively carrying out protection.

Please take the initiative to report your personal epidemic prevention and control information truthfully in the daily health status reporting system every day. The late reporting, omission, false reporting, non-reporting is not allowed to appear.

To properly prepare for undergraduate teaching during the epidemic prevention and control period, the relevant management regulations for off-line classroom teaching also apply to online teaching activities in principle. Students are obliged to follow.

NPU implement an online learning attendance system, please attend the class strictly according to the schedule, do not be late and leave early. Sign in before class starts.

During classes, students should abide by the online teaching discipline requirements and accept the curriculum assessment and evaluation methods announced by teachers. They are also obliged to cooperate with teachers to carry out online teaching, complete learning tasks, engage in discussion and interaction, and complete homework and curriculum assessments as required to ensure the learning performance and quality. If students can't attend the class on time due to special reasons, please ask the course instructor for leave in time.

Postgraduate students should actively get in touch with your supervisors and conduct academic research in accordance with your work arrangements.

In case of difficulty or special circumstances, please contact counselors at the first time.

Dear international students, we believe that with the stronger confidence, scientific prevention and joint endeavors, we are determined to fight and win this battle against the virus and jointly welcome the arrival of spring! Look forward to our safe reunion soon!

Best wishes

Fuli Zhang

Dean of International College, NPU


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