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 News

Spring Is On The Way——Chinese Students of NPU Had an Online Lecture with International Students to Fight Against COVID-19 Together

2020-04-16 14:40  

"Winter will be gone, and the flowers are the witnesses to the spring." On April 11th, the tenth lecture of Aoxiang Youth Livestreaming Class of the Northwestern Polytechnical University was officially launched on the Tencent Conference online. The theme of this lecture was "Spring is on the way—Together with family, debunking COVID-19rumors", which aimed to pass on the knowledge of the epidemic situation and the scientific measures to the international students overseas and to convey the positive attitude of NPUers against the epidemic. Zhou Kai, Secretary of the Youth League Committee of NPU, Li Ziwei, Deputy Dean of the School of International Education, Ma Tingting, Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee of NPU and other teachers together with 3,000 students attended the lecture.

The presenters were Li Mingda from the School of Foreign Languages and Malika from the School of International Education. With the theme of classic Mario games, Li Mingda learned the scientific knowledge of COVID-19 with the audience through Q&A. Malika from Uzbekistan is an international student herself. She talked about how to have fun under quarantine by telling her own story. She encouraged interactivity and created a lively atmosphere with cheerful background music. Everyone was attracted to the lecture and actively participated in the discussion of COVID-19.

At the end of the lecture, Maliaka said: "We are a family. No matter what kind of difficulties we are experiencing right now, we are going to get through it together. Open the window and look outside, the winter is coming to an end, and the spring is around the corner! "

After having this online lecture, Zarnaz Khan, an international student from Pakistan, said: "I learned a lot of practical epidemic prevention knowledge from the lecture, which has helped me and my family. We all know now that China has worked so hard to fight against the virus. Thank you very much. Let us all continue to fight together! Cheer up, China! Cheer up, the world! "

Avipsa from Nepal said: "Today ’s lecture gave us more confidence. And I believe that, as long as we brave the challenges, we will be able to overcome the virus. I really appreciate the two students who brought us such a wonderful lecture. "

This lecture was warmly received by the international students of NPU. The students also invited their friends and family members to watch together and expressed their expectation for more lectures from the NPU Youth Speakers’ League.

In the future, the NPU Youth Speakers’ League will continue to bring more meaningful online lectures to the international students and try hard to tell stories of China in a good way, to deepen their understanding of China and help them better adapt to the life of studying abroad.

Author: Feng Tingting, Bai Xinzhuo, Xie Yiyi, Audit: Zhou Kai, Ma Tingtin


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