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 News

School of Computer Science Established "01 Academic Salon" and Held the First Salon Activity

2020-04-29 21:05  

Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Education, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the National Natural Science Foundation of China pointed out in their jointly issued Work Plan for Strengthening Basic Research "From Zero to One" that strengthening basic research "From Zero to One", opening up new fields, proposing new theories, developing new methods and achieving significant pioneering and original innovations are the commanding heights of international scientific and technological competition.

"01 Academic Salon" is a new academic activity platform conceived by the School of Computer Science for promoting the cross integration of disciplines, generating original innovation sparks, and incubating major scientific and technological projects. On the afternoon of April 27, the School of Computer Science organized the inauguration ceremony of the "01 Academic Salon" and held the first session of salon activity. A total of 15 young teachers participated, and Huang Wei, Deputy Director of the Computer Discipline Development Steering Committee, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Executive Vice President, and Zhang Yanning, Assistant President, participated remotely. The activity was presided over by Vice Dean Deng Lei.

As the convener of this Salon activity, Yu Zhiwen, Dean of the School of Computer Science, first introduced the background of the establishment and the name source of Salon. "01" covers two meanings: first, 01 is the symbol of computer, and computer is the world of 0 and 1; second, 01 indicates the original innovation "From Zero to One". He also gave a detailed introduction to the purposes, objectives, composition of the organizing committee and specific organizational form of Salon.

Academician Huang Wei pointed out that: "Original innovation is a breakthrough 'From Zero to One', which often means long and difficult exploration, but it may bring about revolutionary changes, producing revolutionary technologies and products. Only scientific research that breaks into "Fields Not Yet Being Investigated" can bring about revolutionary achievements. May you all fully devote yourself to rise to the challenges and keep moving forward on the process of exploring the peak of science and technology! .

Professor Zhang Yanning put forward that: "Original innovation is the premise of technological transcendence, and 01 Academic Salon makes our dream possible. I hope our school will get better and better.

Li Chunke, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Computer Science, further elaborated on the significance of the salon activities. Meanwhile, he raised expectations for the continuous running of the salon activities.

After the inauguration ceremony, Yu Zhiwen made a thematic report entitled "Thoughts on Developing Original Innovation 'From Zero to One', in which he discussed his own thoughts and opinions from the historical mission of science and technology in colleges and universities in the new era, the technological route of science and technology innovation in the new era, the four elements of innovation and the fields that may produce major innovations in the future, and pointed out that the advance of scientific research work "From Zero to One" can be achieved only by adhering to the spirit of original innovation and strengthening organized scientific research for a long time.

Based on the learning and work experiences, the young teachers attending the meeting exchanged and discussed the revolutionary science and technology and innovative salon activities, and put forward many good suggestions, including: selection of activity themes, invitation of keynote speakers, preparation of hosts in advance, follow-up and iteration of themes, etc. Meanwhile, they also put forward some forward-looking research directions.

Starting with "01 Academic Salon", our school will implement "01 Innovation Project" centering on original innovation and technological breakthrough, making efforts to build a "theory-technology-application" innovation chain including "01 Academic Salon", "01 Laboratory" and "01 Innovation Factory". Through the cross integration of different disciplines inside and outside the school, the scientific research organization form of our school will be innovated, and the development of computer and related disciplines in our university will reach a new level, thus assisting the construction of "Double First Class" university.

Writer: Chen Bolin, Gao Jun; Reviewr: Gao Wu


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