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 News

The graduation ceremony of 2020 graduate students was held at NPU

2020-05-15 10:04  

On the afternoon of May 9, Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) held the 2020 graduate graduation ceremony, where 489 doctoral graduates and 2,636 master's degree graduates gathered together through the main venue, sub-venue and remote video. All the university leaders, assistant to the President, members of the university's academic degree evaluation committee, representatives of graduate supervisors and college leaders attended the ceremony to witness this unforgettable and beautiful moment together with all the 2020 graduates. The graduation ceremony was presided over by vice President Zhang Weihong.



Huang Wei, executive vice President and academician of the Chinese academy of sciences, read out the decision on recognizing outstanding graduate students in 2020.



Hei Runshan, Yi Fei and Lin Na, graduate representatives of School of automation, School of computer science and technology, and international graduate representative made their speech on the same stage. In her speech, Lin said, "in the spring of 2013, President Xi Jinping put forward a solemn proposal to the world in Moscow, calling on the international community to build a community with a Shared future. Seven years later, the sudden outbreak of Covid-19 has brought home to us the Shared destiny of mankind. After graduation, I will work with friends from all over the world to help build 'One Belt and One Road'."



President Wang Jinsong put forward three expectations for the 2020 graduates:

1. I hope that students can learn to think and judge the development of the times and social needs from an international horizon and a global perspective, learn to view the development trend and major issues facing the world from the perspective of world development and human destiny, and know how to pursue development through understanding differences and mutual tolerance.

2. I hope that students can have a deep understanding of China's important role in the development of the international community, aware of their own responsibilities in participating in global governance in the future, and striving to contribute themselves in the international arena as a Chinese, and a NPUer;

3. I hope that students will persist in innovation and creation, practice excellent skills, and constantly improve the quality and ability to adapt to the development of the era, the changes in the world and career requirements, and strive to become a pillar that can be worthy of great use and bear heavy responsibilities.



On the occasion of leaving the Alma Mater, all the graduates sang the school song with great passion, with which the graduation ceremony came to an end.



After the graduation ceremony, some colleges invited the representatives of faculty tutors to turn the tassels for the doctoral and postgraduate students in each venue. At the same time, different schools have carried out a variety of sub-sessions such as teachers' message, graduates' oath, buffet, sending graduation souvenirs and so on.


(Wang Juan,Ruan Hongmei)


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