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 News

QMES Holds The Third Meeting of the Student-Staff Liaison Committee

2020-06-25 15:32  

On June 23, the third meeting of the Student-Staff Liaison Committee of QMES was held at Room 413, East Teaching Building A, Chang'an Campus. The meeting was held both online and offline. Vice Dean and Director, Chen Jun; Vice Dean and Vice Director, Fan Xiaoli; Executive Vice Dean and Vice Director, Andrew Bushby; Assistant Dean, Cheng Yin; Faculty committee members Qi Yue, Shi Xuetao, Gao Pengfei, Maria Romero-Gonzalez, Gabriel Cavalli, Alan Allman and student members Liu Yang, Liu Shubo, Sui Yupeng, Lin Wanran, Su Yi, Hu Zhenghao, Zheng Zhi, Yuan Chuhan, Li Tianyu, Li Can, Liu Yinuo, Zhang Xuechen, Hou Siyu and Yu Chuan attended this meeting. The whole meeting was hosted by Chen Jun.

First of all, Chen Jun expressed his thanks to all the committee members for their hard work this year, and then introduced the participants of the Student-Staff Liaison Committee and the main topics and asked student committee members to present their problems and requests respectively. After that, Chen Jun gave positive feedback on students’ difficulties and doubts on classroom learning, after-class activities and personal development, etc.

The student members of Class 2017 Liu Shubo and Sui Yupeng respectively put forward opinions and suggestions on the topics of the selection of graduation thesis, 4th year curriculum, and exam arrangement. They hoped that QMES could give full consideration to the personal development of students and meet the diverse needs of them. The student member of Class 2018 Yuan Chuhan expressed her opinions on the group cooperation method in the course learning, hoping that teachers could make more efforts to guide students to efficiently complete the group cooperation and Peer Evaluation. The student member of Class 2019 Li Can gave suggestions on international exchanges, hoping that QMES could provide more exchange programs to support more students. At the same time, based on the feedback of students, the suggestions also involved the content of English teaching assistants course and Mathematical Modeling and Computing course.

Fan Xiaoli, Andrew Bushby, Gabriel Cavalli and other teachers answered the above questions respectively. First of all, graduation project is the summary of undergraduates’ four-year study. The topics are selected from their majors involving interdisciplinary knowledge. Professional curriculum arrangement is the optimal structure based on the training objectives after full scientific demonstration, which can be optimized according to the actual operation in the process of talent training. Second, group cooperation is an important part of learning. It is hoped that students can communicate effectively and fully develop their academic cooperation ability. Third, since the establishment of QMES, the two universities have continued to introduce and integrate domestic and foreign resources, providing students with a broader development platform, and will, as always, incorporate Chinese and British characteristics and advantages in order to meet the needs of students’ individual development.

The Student-Staff Liaison Committee is an important mechanism to promote the talents cultivation of QMES, guide, help and serve the growth of students and enhance the communication between teachers and students. It has played an important role in promoting the development of the school in the past three years since its establishment. The detailed preliminary investigations by the student members and the answers from the teacher representatives provide a powerful guarantee for the further improvement of the daily management, curriculum setting, teaching and administration of QMES.

This meeting enhanced the in-depth communication between teachers and students of QMES, solved many problems that puzzled the students, and created new possibilities for the School to educate all-round international talents.

Writer: Li Yuanting, Reviewer: Cheng Yin





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