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 News

NPU,I'm coming!

2020-08-31 12:25  

In September when the weather is cool, when the fragrance of osmanthus is floating on the campus, Northwestern Polytechnical University ushered in her 2020 freshmen.

In 2020, NPU has admitted 4173 undergraduate freshmen and 6013 postgraduate freshmen. Outstanding students from all over the world will gather here to start a new journey of dream pursuit.

Hello, freshman. Welcome to be a member of NPU!

Please scan the code and take your temperature.

Finally, see you! Hello, NPU!

This year, the school has launched the "personal identification verification" equipment, which can check in through "face recognition" to improve the speed. At the registration site, through big data comparison, the identity of freshmen can be quickly and accurately judged, and the registration procedures can be completed in one step.

In this orientation work, the intelligent question answering robot "Xiao Xi" is embedded in the orientation system, which can provide all-round online Q & A on Freshmen's registration and campus life 24 hours a day, so as to answer your questions in time.

Students can purchase bedding, schedule physical examination time, pay renewal fees, and so on in the orientation system before they arrive at school, and there is no need to queue up any more! Students can also complete the collection of military training clothing offline according to their own clothing size.

This year, the school opened a green channel consultation hotline and online channel. During the summer vacation, more than 400 telephone consultation calls were received, and the online green channel was handled in advance for students in need, which accelerated the registration process and reduced the site congestion.

At the registration site, the "love gift box" attracted our attention. According to the Student Financial Aid Service Center said, the "love gift box" was prepared by the school for students who set up files and who have returned to poverty due to the epidemic and floods. There are table lamps, book stands, lunch boxes, water cups, notebooks, etc. in the gift box. Each of them expresses the love, blessings and expectations for the students from NPU.

The E-Campus of NPU

At Youyi campus, graduate students are going through the relevant procedures in an orderly and calm manner.

This year, some students moved into the new dormitory building. There is an activity room in the building. We hope you can make full use of it and have more communication and interaction.

This year, most international students in our school used an online register. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the registration work, the teachers of the International Education College work in three shifts a day and ensure that teachers are online 24 hours to provide consultation and help at any time.

School Party Secretary Zhang Wei, Deputy Secretary Wan Xiaopeng, Vice Principal Yang Yixin, Principal Assistant Zhang Kaifu, Wang Yubo and relevant department heads came to the orientation site, cafeteria, dormitory and other places to check and implement various tasks and condolences to the new students.

All departments of NPU have shown full enthusiasm and thoughtful service to welcome the arrival of new students.

The student union, media innovation base, and other student groups have also prepared a wealth of offline activities to welcome new students. We hope you can take time to sit down and talk about the future and talk about your initial impression of the University of technology.

I've heard that the NPU is beautiful, but I didn't expect it to be more beautiful than people say.

Source: WeChat Subscription


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