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 News

Northwestern Polytechnical University Holds the Opening Ceremony of 2020 Freshmen

2020-09-14 15:35  

On the afternoon of September 10, the opening ceremony for the 2020 freshmen of NPU was held. All school leaders, academicians, outstanding talents, representatives of alumni, leaders of student military training units, deans of the colleges, party committee secretaries, heads of various functional departments and related units attended the ceremony, and representatives of the 2020 freshmen (Including undergraduates, graduates and international students) witnessed this solemn and beautiful moment. Vice President Yang Yixin presided over the opening ceremony.

Luo Xuanyu, a freshman of the School of Astronautics, has set his ambition to devote himself to national defense since childhood. He said excitedly: "Today, I finally came to the prestigious university---Northwestern Polytechnical University!" On behalf of the 2020 undergraduate freshmen, he solemnly promised to uphold the school motto, promote the school spirit, and strive to be a dream chaser, pioneer and devotee of the new era.

Wen Changhao, a graduate student from the School of Humanities, Economics and Law, said in his speech that when a person enters the NPU, he must become a "NPUer" who truly lives up to his youth and deserves a worthy age. "Today, we have a common "brand" of NPU. Let's strive to become the adherents of ideals and beliefs, the model of diligent learning, the striver of pursuing dreams, and the practitioners of advocating morality and kindness."

International student representative Gu Sha shared the joy of coming to China and becoming a freshman majoring in aircraft design and engineering in School of Aeronautics of NPU. She said that she will earnestly learn professional knowledge, actively embrace Chinese technology, and work hard to spread Chinese culture. She hopes that international students from all over the world will embrace the warm and strong China together, fall in love with NPU, and let their dreams come true!

Shang Xuequn, professor of the School of Computer Science and Technology, delivered a speech on the topic of "How to spend four years of campus life and how to improve one's own ability". She said that the purpose of reading is to improve yourself and improve your aspirations, so that you can become a "person" who can consciously shoulder the mission of the times. She encouraged the new students to have the motherland in mind, based on NPU, looking at the world.

Alumnus Zhang Renyong, the first doctor of Engineering from Shui Nationality in China, affectionately told the story of an aerospace dream realized by a cowherd after 12 years of hard work. Zhang Renyong, currently working in the Space Application Engineering and Technology Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is engaging in the research of Earth Moon space exploration mission in China. He sincerely encouraged the freshman to always be grateful and cherish every minute in the campus. He hoped that everyone would be a person who pursues excellence and leads the future, and wish his alma mater a more brilliant future!

At the ceremony, the attending school leaders and teachers wore the NPU emblem for the freshmen representatives, and at the same time issued letters of appointment for freshmen counselors and class teachers representatives. Yang Yixin expressed the hope that students will advance with the times, grow with the motherland, and be newcomers of the times! He hoped that the freshman counselors and class teachers can have great love, care for students, abide by their duties, and be good guides for the growth of students.

On behalf of the whole university, President Wang Jinsong extended warm welcome and sincere congratulations to 10056 new students from all over the world. With the theme of "composing the song of youth with struggle", he delivered a passionate speech, full of ardent expectations and earnest teachings for new students.

Writer: Wu Xiuqing, Zhao Chao and Lu di



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