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 News

Dr. Hu Di and Dr. Xu Huang of School of Computer Science Won the 2020 CAAI Outstanding Doctoral Dissertations Award

2020-09-11 15:03  

The results of the selection for 2020 Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI) Outstanding Doctoral Dissertations have been officially announced. Two theses, Research on Multimodal Perception of Machine by Dr. Hu Di and Research on Occupational Mobility Behavior Based on Attributed Graph Mining by Dr. Xu Huang, were rated as 2020 CAAI Outstanding Doctoral Dissertations. Their advisers were Prof. Li Xuelong and Prof. Yu Zhiwen, respectively.

To facilitate intelligent science and technology advances in China, encourage innovative research and promote the growth of young talents, the CAAI began to select outstanding doctoral dissertations once a year since 2011. It has grown into an important award in the fields of computer, information processing and artificial intelligence.

CAAI started the selection of outstanding doctoral dissertations in April this year. According to the Regulations on the Selection of Outstanding Doctoral Dissertations of the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence, it organized experts to review carefully 82 papers recommended by 38 units. After a set of processes from formal review, network preliminary review, on-site final review and publicity, 14 papers stood out, 10 of which won the Outstanding Doctoral Dissertations Award and 4 the Outstanding Doctoral Dissertations Nomination Award.


Picture source: Official website of CAAI

Dr. Hu Di graduated from Northwestern Polytechnical University in 2019 and was a student of Prof. Li Xuelong and Prof. Nie Feiping. He serves as an assistant professor (tenure-track) at Gaoling School of Artificial Intelligence, Renmin University of China. As a former AI researcher at Baidu Research, he was adopted in Baidu's top global artificial intelligence talent program. His main research interests are machine multimodal perception and learning, that is, taking the multi-channel perception of the brain as the background, mining and exploring potential problems and solutions of multimodal information (such as images, sounds, touch, etc.) in fields of machine perception, reasoning and understanding. Twelve research papers have been published in top-level international conferences and journals on artificial intelligence, such as CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, AAAI, ACMMM, etc., as the first author (including those with the supervisor as the first author during his Ph.D. studies). Due to the above achievements, Dr. Wu Di was admitted to a joint training program at CMU with government funding; included in the CVPR2019 Doctoral Forum (only 4 researchers from mainland China were selected); won the 2019 ACM XI'AN Excellent Doctor Award and the 2020 CAAI Outstanding Doctoral Dissertations Award; invited to review papers for many international high-level conferences and journals such as CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, NeruIPS, AAAI, TIP and TMM. What's more, some of Dr. Wu's research results are integrated with industrial applications such as enhancing the perception ability of the visually impaired with machine-assisted means, which has great academic and social values.


Picture source: Official website of CAAI

Learned from Prof. Yu Zhiwen, Dr. Xu Huang was sent to Rutgers University in the United States for a joint training doctoral program. And his supervisor there was Prof. Xiong Hui. He is now a senior engineer of Huawei, with research interests covering data mining, online machine learning and its applications in large-scale computing systems. In writing his doctoral thesis, he published 6 papers in CCF's A/B conferences and journals, including top international academic conferences and journals such as TKDE, SIGKDD, IJCAI, THMS and ICDM, and applied for two patents. His doctoral thesis won the CAAI Outstanding Doctoral Dissertations Award and the nomination of Outstanding Doctoral Dissertations of China Computer Federation.

Attached Table: List of Winners of 2020 CAAI Outstanding Doctoral Dissertations Award

Source: School of Computer Science

Drafted by: Zhang Wei, Reviewed by: Xia Yong 


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