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 News

Honors College has hosted DREAMLAND English Corners successfully since this Semester

2021-03-18 10:16  

In order to further enhance the international atmosphere of Honors College(HC) and the university, and improve the oral English of students, HC started to host the DREAMLAND English Corners at the beginning of this semester. Those who share the same interests and common goals of strengthening their communication capability in English gathered each Friday evening at the lobby of HC building.Teachers from HC expressed their wishes to students, encouraged students to get out of the comfort zones, taking English as a tool and make most of it to get connected and bridged better with the world.

The themes of the 2nd English Corner event on March 14 included “What are your favorite academic topics?”“What is the real friendship for you from your perspective?”“What is your ideal university life?”, following the extensive and intensive discussions themed on “What do you think of studying abroad?” “Talk about something(book,movie,event...) that has impressed you a lot.” and “Your plan of year 2021” at the 1st English Corner event held on March 7.

More than 100 students attended the events and communicated with each other in English about these interesting topics. Each participant tried his or her best to talk in English to their classmates, friends but also with strangers they have never met before. The flute performance became one nice surprise to all, when Zhang Jingrun, one of the freshmen, started to play his flute in front of all other participants. Some students also brought their favorite chess to the event and invited others to compete with. While the student was introducing and explaining the beauty of music in English, while a bunch of students argued and elaborated the complicated chess strategies in English, It was undoubted that they were starting to make English as a true communication tool, to get to know each other and make friends in this unique way.


“I really appreciate the college can give us such an opportunity to improve my spoken English. Though it was quite hard to start the talking, once I got it started, everything seemed to become easier soon.” said Alisa, one of the fellow students.“I do appreciate this chance to make friends with Chinese students. It enhance the bonds between all colleges and nations. Long live the friendship between China and Tajikistan.”, quoted from one of international students, who had taken part in the events two times already.

The DREAMLAND English corner opening to all NPU students, is distinguished with its 4Fs (Free space, Free talks, For everyone, From now on) advantages meeting students’ expectations.Students from the international college, School of Electronics and Information, School of Micro-electronics, School of Foreign Studies, Queen Mary University of London Engineering School, etc., also attended and enjoyed the events.

Editor: Yuan Yun, Zheng Xinyu, Yang Yuqi Reviewer: Zhang Wentao


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