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 News

Professor Wen Wang, Anne Parry visited Engineering School Queen Mary University of London, NPU

2017-10-23 14:22  

In the morning of 20thOctober 2017, Wen Wang, Dean of Science and Engineering school of Queen Mary University of London and Anne Parry, Executive Officer of Faculty Operating Office of Queen Mary University of London visited Queen Mary University of London Engineering School, NPU. Professor Wen Wang visited college office, students’ common room and Internet smart classroom who was accompanied by Zhang Fuli, deputy director of the International Cooperation Department, and Kong Jie and Chen Jun, Dean and vice Dean of Queen Mary University of London Engineering school, NPU. Wen Wang also gave a lecture about campus study and life to college new students of 2017.

During their visit, Kong Jie had a deep communication with Professor Wen Wang about current academic college operation, and students’ study and life. Afterwards, Professor Wen Wang and Anne Parry came to the classroom of Linear Algebra to talked with Chinese teacher who taught in English about the content of teaching and the teaching style. Also, they asked students about feedback situation in the classroom.

During the lecture to all college new students of 2017, Professor Wen Wang demonstrated the economy, culture and education in London, and the long history of Queen Mary. He also introduced his research work in the field of vascular endothelial cell and biomechanics. Anne Parry introduced many famous places and British cultural characteristics. She expected students to go to Queen Mary University in London to take academic exchange so that students could experience the unique cultural atmosphere in London and British characteristics.

In the session of interaction, students had a communication with Professor Wang and Anne Parry on how to adapt to the English teaching class, how to choose the direction of scientific research, and how to prepare to visit British. Professor Wang answered students’ questions systematically from his own study abroad experience and his study research. He emphasized that students had to grasp three key points: first, to learn how to learn; second, to be creative and the last one to keep interested in learning. Professor Wang encouraged students to use the good quality of education resources from both Queen Mary University in China and London. He also encouraged students to promote the ability of undertaking scientific research and reading academic literacy. Students should be interested in learning, and to use scientific research creativity as motivation, accompanied with reasonable learning method. By doing so, students can become versatile talents with international perspective, familiar with international regulations and equipped with lifelong study ability.

The content of the forum was rich and vivid from both Professor Wang’s and Anne Parry’s presentations. Their presentations were not only to stimulate students’ motivation and passion of learning, but also helped students to make sure their individual position and direction under the background of Sino-foreign cooperative education. Their presentations had positive effects on promoting talents cultivation of the college.

(Zhang Yuxi,Lei Suyang)


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