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The Framework Agreement of “Joint Innovation Center of Manufacturing Technique of Aero-engine Ceramic Matrix Composite” Signed among three sides

2017-10-26 14:21  

On October 12, the framework agreement of “the joint innovation center of manufacturing technique of aero-engine ceramic matrix composite” has been signed among three sides: NPU, Xiamen University and AECC Commercial Aircraft Engine Co., LTD. This agreement is market-oriented and characterized by the enterprise as the main body and the combination of industry-university-research as the new system of scientific and technical innovation. It not only aims at establishing the close strategic alliance and the win-win cooperation, but also carries out the basic research for application and offering the sustainable innovative technology and professional experts.

The signing and the opening ceremony of the framework agreement were held at International Conference Center of You Yi campus on the morning of that day and Song Baowei, the vice-president of NPU hosted the ceremony.

At the ceremony, the representatives from three sides delivered the speeches respectively. Huang Wei, the vice president of NPU, emphasized the important role of AECC Commercial Aircraft Engine Co., LTD, as the chief designer unit and the general manufacturing unit of aero-engine of bypass ratio turbofan, in offering the commercial aircraft power plants and the related services, with the devotion to strengthening Chinese cohesiveness. He also pointed out that under the new situation, the close cooperation between the university and the large science-and-technology enterprise is a trend and a new direction of national scientific and technical system reform. Han Jiahuai, the vice-president of Xiamen University stressed the fully-played function of university students to the economic society in his speech, the integrative development of industry-university-research as well as the persistent combination of science-education-economy, for the overall innovation-driven development of university. Feng Jinzhang, the general director from AECC Commercial Aircraft Engine Co., LTD introduced the present situation of the aero-engine manufacturing industry in the world and its future development as well as the background and the significance of the establishment of the joint innovation center. Also, he pointed out that as an important technique, the application of ceramic matrix composite has become the brainstorm project in the company, hoping this center to push the development of the whole aero-engine industry chain in China to get closer to the world advanced level gradually.

Song Baowei, the vice-president of NPU, Han Jiahuai, the vice-president of Xiamen University and the deputy director from AECC Commercial Aircraft Engine Co., LTD have signed the agreement together, along with the presence of other scholars, professors and leaders. After that, Feng Jinzhang, Huang Wei, Han Jiahuai and Zhang Litong unveiled the nameplate for the center.


Yang Huiying


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