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 News

The Belt and Road Aerospace Innovation Alliance Young Scholar Workshop was successfully held in Qingdao

2017-11-02 14:49  

The Belt and Road Aerospace Innovation Alliance (BRAIA) Young Scholar Workshop had taken place in Qingdao, which is a beautiful coastal city in China, during the period from October 29 to 30, 2017. The workshop is co-sponsored by Northwestern Polytechnical UniversityChina (NPU), and Chinese Society of Astronautics, hosted by Qingdao Research Institute of NPU. More than 70 young scholars from Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Spain, Pakistan, Algeria, Egypt, China and other member universities of BRAIA, gathered for the theme of ‘The Young Creates the Future of Aerospace’, carrying out extensive and intensive discussions on relevant topics. This event is one more important academic activity initiated by BRAIA.

Professor Wei-hong ZHANG, the vice president of NPU, delivered a warm welcome speech at the opening ceremony. As the permanent secretariat unit of BRAIA, NPU makes good efforts to bridge all members, and actively explores a more effective mechanism and communication platform for members along the Belt and Road countries and regions, in order to enhance academic and scientific research, talent cultivation and development, and other cooperation in the field of aerospace science and technology. By making all members playing their own advantages fully, business development, education, research, applications, cultural exchanges, technology transfer, and so on, can be developed together, to create a pattern for win-win cooperation.

The Vice Chairman and General Secretary of Chinese Society of Astronautics, Yiran Wang reviewed the journey of BRAIA since it was established in April 2017, shared his own prospects about the frontier of aerospace science and technology. In his speech, he also expressed his wishes on young scholars to raise the research and scientific work to a new height, explore more new problems, and bring more new theories and methods out. The Senior Program Officer from United Nations Space Division, Shrish Ravan, a young scholar, Xiaozhou YU from NPU, Filippo Maggi on behalf of overseas scholars from Polytechnic University of Milano, Olga Khomutskaya as the student representative from the Moscow Aviation Institute, and Changwu Zhang from Landspace Co., Ltd, also made his or her keynote speech.

In the afternoon, delegates had in-depth discussions in four parallel sessions, with topics of deep space exploration, aerospace launch and propulsion, new commercial launch technology and payload, and civil unmanned Aerial Vehicle respectively. Young Scholars shared their ideas, discussed possible solutions, and explored potential cooperation opportunities for common interest. Delegates believed that the workshop was not only beneficial for their current academic exchange and development, but also ‘sowing more seeds to grow’ for young scholars in the future. The workshop was closed in a very fruitful and warmly atmosphere.

The ‘Belt and Road’ Aerospace Innovation Alliance (BRAIA) is an international aerospace organization composed of universities, research institutes, and academic organizations in the astronautical field. BRAIA is initiated by Northwestern Polytechnical University, China and Chinese Society of Astronautics. The alliance is officially established in April ,2017.

At present, there are 48 university and enterprise members, including 19 members from oversea countries, such as United State, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Australia, etc. In the future, NPU, as the permanent secretariat of the alliance, will continue to promote BRAIA and create a win-win situation for all members, meanwhile, accelerate the journey of NPU becoming a world first-class university.

(Author: Yun YUAN)


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