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NPU-UPM Workshop on Advanced Materials and Devices

2018-04-07 20:46  

NPU-UPM Workshop on Advanced Materials and Devices was held at the School of Materials Science and Engineering in Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) from April 1 to April 7, 2018. The Workshop was organized by Northwestern Polytechnical University and The Technical University of Madrid. There were 22 scholars, 8 undergraduate and graduate candidates from NPU and UPM who participated in the workshop which included 22 academic presentations.

The opening ceremony was held on April 2, 2018, hosted by Prof. Wang Hongqiang, the Assistant to Dean of the School of Materials Science and Engineering at NPU. Prof. Claudio Feijoo, the Director for Asia at UPM, Prof. Yin Xiaowei, the Deputy Dean of School of Materials Science and Engineering at NPU, as well as participants from both sides attended the ceremony.

At the beginning of the opening ceremony, Prof. Claudio Feijoo, gave a brief introduction about UPM and the history of collaboration between NPU and UPM. He emphasized that the workshop is for high-level research exchange. He also mentioned that the NPU-UPM 0.5+1+1 program has been recruiting students very successfully this year. Finally, he also expressed his hope for the workshop.

       Prof. Xiaowei Yin, Deputy Dean of the School of Materials Science and Engineering at NPU, made a speech to kick off the workshop. He presented the ranking and excellent reputation of NPU; specifically highlighted the strengths of the School of Materials Science and Engineering. The workshop will not only benefits the teachers’ research exchange, but also contributes to the development of double master degree students.

     22 academic presentations on hybrid materials, Graphene, Electroacustic resonators, fibrous materials, nano materials, etc. were given by researchers from NPU and UPM. Inspired by the above presentations, 8 students were focusing on different subjects chosen by themselves, helped by their mentors. They have generated new ideas on bionic technologies, perovskite solar cell, graphene, supercapacitor, nickel-based superalloy, high-entropy alloy, lithium battery, as well as wave-absorbing materials. 4 students out the 8 will be sending to UPM for degree study through the 0.5+1+1 program which was jointly set up by NPU and UPM. The small group workshop for students successfully provided an excellent opportunity for undergraduate and graduate candidates to generate innovative ideas and exchange their understanding on different cultures.

        In order to comprehend the research situation, participants also visited NPU laboratories including Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) Key Laboratory of Radiation Detection Materials and Devices, MIIT Key Laboratory of 3D Additive Manufacturing and Center for Nano Energy Materials.

We believe, the NPU- UPM Workshop on Advanced Materials and Devices served as a bridge between researchers from UPM and NPU, which will lead successful collaboration for a great future in teaching and research for NPU and UPM.



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