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 News

NPU's "Boundless Wisdom" Group Won Grand Champion of the 2020 National Undergraduate IoT Design Contest

2020-09-01 15:35  

The 2020 National Undergraduate IoT Design Contest came to a close in Shanghai on August 30. The "Boundless Wisdom" Group from Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU), after two days of fierce competition, took home the first prize in the national finals, and won the Grand Champion. Jointly supervised by associate professor Yunji Liang of School of Computer Science and associate researcher Nan Chen of School of Electronics and Information (SEI), the team members are from the School of Computer Science, the School of Electronics and Information (SEI) and the School of Management.


Established by the Computer Specialty Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education as the only Iot contest in China, the National Undergraduate IoT Design Contest represents the largest and most influential contest in the IoT field in China. This year, the contest was held by the National Committee for Computer Teaching in Colleges and Universities, undertaken by Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Management Committee of Shanghai Jinqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone. The contest covers six divisions nationwide, and over 360 teams submitted. A total of 124 participating teams from about 70 universities, such as Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Tongji University, Nanjing University, Tianjin University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Sichuan University, Jilin University and Wuhan University have advanced to the national finals, after competing in the six divisions. The national finals, through project presentation, physical presentation, online defense, expert evaluation and other links, decide the awards by adhering to the principle of openness, fairness and impartiality.


The School of Computer Science has actively urged young teachers and outstanding graduates to choose their research topic through group discussion sessions, and provided them with guidance on technical difficulties and key technologies since the contest started. A total of 25 teams were selected for the national finals in the northwest division, where the "Boundless Wisdom" Group won the grand prize and booked a place in the national finals.


Amid the national finals held on August 29, the "Real-time monitoring system of urban underground pipe network with environmental capture energy" of the "Boundless Wisdom" Group was highly appreciated by the assessment experts with its fresh perspective, perfect hard and soft system design and unique technological innovations, and sent the group to the national finals. Team members Xinyu Li, Xin Wang, Yizhen Wang and Qiushi Wang, through careful preparation and deliberate collaboration, delivered a wonderful presentation and system demonstration for more than 10,000 online viewers during the National Top 6 Tournament held on August 30. The "Boundless Wisdom" Group won the first prize nationwide. This marks the fourth time the School of Computer Science was awarded the first prize in the national finals of the National Undergraduate IoT Design Contest, and the first National Championship.

Project Profile:

The vast, sophisticated urban underground pipe network system serves as the bloodline for cities and has a profound impact on national economy. Yet with the rapid urbanization process, our country's long urban pipe network system is suffering increasingly from high leakage rate, serious aging, and frequent safety accidents. To address the above mentioned issue, the project has constructed a real-time monitoring system of urban underground pipe network capturing energy from the environment which achieves maximum efficiency in energy collection by capturing energy from closed underground environment with the flowing-water energy harvester and the capture-manage deep fusion circuit. A low cost perception terminal which features multidimensional data collection and multi-node collaboration was also designed to sense the fine-grained continuity of the urban underground pipe network. And analysis on big data of the pipe network was realized through multi-node correlation analysis and heterogeneous data flows linear and deep model fusion algorithm, relying on big data, thereby realizing accurate detection of the leakage point of the pipe network and real-time warning of network non-working operation.

Introduction to the Group:

The "Boundless Wisdom" Group is based on the Key Laboratory of Intelligent Perception and Computing, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Led by Prof. Zhiwen Yu, Yangtze River Scholar Program of the Ministry of Education, and oriented toward national strategic needs, the Laboratory is committed to the research on basic theories and methods of intelligent sensing and computing, with major directions including smart sensor technology, wireless sensing network, intelligent sensing technology and human-machine-object fusion computing. In recent years, the group has undertaken more than 20 key national scientific research projects, including the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, key R&D projects, the "New Generation Artificial Intelligence" 2030 Innovation Megaproject, and the Key Program of National Natural Science Foundation, and engaged in the formulation of national IoT standards. The group has published more than 300 papers in prestigious international academic journals and conferences, all were widely recognized by domestic and foreign peers, and 7 of which were selected into the ESI high-cited papers. It also took home 7 awards for best papers at international conferences. What's more, NPU stands out No. 1 worldwide among the research institutions engaged in crowd sensing according to Microsoft Academic.


Source: School of Computer Science

Writer: Yunji Liang & Nan Chen, Reviewer: Zhiwen Yu  



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