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Honor Shared by Students of Honors College ——2019-2020 Awards Ceremony for Honorary Roll & Outstanding Students of the Honors College

2020-12-07 19:42  

On the afternoon of December 5, 2020, the 2019-2020 Awards Ceremony for Honorary Student Roll & Outstanding Students of the Honors College was held at the D100 hall of the Western Teaching Building, Chang’an Campus of Northwesteern Polytechnical University (NPU). Present at the ceremony were Prof. Yang Yixin, Vice President of NPU, Mr. Yang Zhao, founder of Qincheng Scholarship and General Manager of Xi’an Qincheng Electronic Information Technology Co. Ltd., together with the leaders, faculty members and students of the Honors College. Mr. Kang Pengjun, the deputy dean of the College, hosted the ceremony.

The students achieved with Honorary Rolls for the academic year from 2019 to 2020 were announced. Medals of Honor of the Class of 2018 and 2019 were awarded to students.

Following the Honorary Roll Awards Ceremony is the Scholarship Award Ceremony. The winners are announced with honorary certificates awarded.

Five student representatives, namely, A Sirong, Huang Yixuan, Qiu Maosheng, Zheng Runze, and Wang Zeyu, shared their successful learnings, experience and visions respectively from the perspectives of innovation & entrepreneurship, academic efforts, leadership, artistic & sports, and global competence, which motivated all students to make further progress.

Prof. Wang Yangang, the dean of the Honors College, delivered the conclusion remark. He addressed that HC was making continuous efforts on achieving the College’s goal of “cultivating patriotic young leaders who always pursue excellence, get ready to take on responsibilities and lead the future in the new era”. In this year, the College has issued Honors College’s Administrative Measures for Honorary Roll and Honors College’s Administrative Measures for the Implementation of Honorary Incentive Plans for further improvement on the College’s Top level talent cultivation system.

Honors College has implemented dynamic identification and management of honorary roll for students as an incentive program to inspire students to be the best of themselves. It is the College’s sincerest hope that students awarded with the title and scholarships maintain their momentum and work harder to the next level; and students without the title and scholarship yet can make further progress and catch up. The college wishes each student having a joyful, healthy, and fruitful college life.

The ceremony concluded with the university anthem. It is firmly believed that more and more students will achive excellent performance and achieve remarkable development in the Honors College.

Mr. Zhang Wentao, CPC Secretary of the College, Mr. Cai Li and Ms. Yuan Yun, deputy Deans of the College, were also present.

Editor :Wei Xiaodong Reviewer : Yuan Yun

Source: Honors College


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