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 News

Silk Road Aerospace International Cooperation Seminar Held in Xi'an

2020-12-15 10:26  

The 2020 Silk Road International Symposium on the Cooperation and Integration of Industry, Education, Research and Application of Aeronautics and Astronautics was held on Dec 11 and 12 at NPU in Xi’an, Shaanxi province, Northwest China.  

As one of the important sub-forums of the Silk Road International Cooperation Conference 2020 on Industry, University, Research and Application, which was launched by the Ministry of Education, This conference attracted academicians, top experts, scholars, and business representatives from 19 countries, 56 universities, enterprises, and research institutes from China, Russia, Ukraine and other 19 countries. Guests attended the meeting through both online and offline channels, and discussions focused on the integration of the aerospace industry, universities, research and application development and cooperation.

The "Belt and Road" Space Innovation Alliance is a non-profit organization formed on a voluntary basis by universities, scientific research institutions, academic organizations and enterprises in the international aerospace field. As the initiator of the alliance, NPU’s initiative to establish the "Belt and Road" aerospace innovation alliance is an important part of promoting open education. The school will keep in close contact with the alliance units, coordinate and cooperate, seize strategic opportunities, gather superior resources, and jointly promote the development of the aerospace industry of the countries where the alliance units are located.

During the two-day seminar, academicians and scholars introduced boundary-pushing academic reports and development trends in various disciplines, while enterprise leaders and industry experts shared their industry development prospect analysis and the latest industry exploration and practice.

Guan He gave a speech to thank the experts and scholars participating in the forum and said that the COVID-19 cannot stop our determination and pace of opening up exchanges and cooperation. The aerospace industry is a unique and high-quality resource for the development of Shaanxi and an important support for Xi'an to build a "hard technology capital". She hopes universities and research institutes take this forum as an opportunity to achieve complementary advantages and resource sharing and make greater contributions to China and other countries or regions along the "Belt and Road" in international aerospace industry-university-research cooperation.

Zhang Weihong, vice president of NPU, introduced the characteristics of his school and the achievements it has made in expanding its opening-up and cooperation in personnel training, scientific research and other fields, and serving the national innovation-driven development strategy.

“As one of the top aerospace universities in China,” Zhang said, “NPU will join hands with other members of the Belt and Road Aerospace Innovation Alliance to integrate international high-quality aerospace resources more effectively, provide support for the development of industry, university and research, and play a role in promoting international cooperation."

The appointment ceremony of foreign part-time cooperative tutors and the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement between the School of Aeronautics NPU and Chang'an Aviation was also held on the opening ceremony.

This forum is guided by the Ministry of Education of China and the People's Government of Shaanxi Province, hosted by the School Planning and Construction Development Centre of the Ministry of Education of China. Northwestern Polytechnical University ("Belt and Road" Space Innovation Alliance) and other organizations offer supports.

Writer: Yue Keyu





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