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 News

International Students from NPU Attended a Silk Road Cultural Exchange Event on Xi’an City Wall

2021-05-03 14:50  


Recently, NPU (Northwestern Pyrotechnical University) students from Turkemanistan, Uzbekistan, Morocco and other Belt & Road countries participated in "Qin Women" public welfare and cultural exchange event, “Connect with Love, Connect with Shaanxi".  The event aimed at promoting Silk Road Culture and Sino-foreign Exchanges; was guided by Shaanxi Women’s Federation and organized by Shaanxi Women & Children International Exchange Center under the co-organization of Shaanxi Women Friend Media Group and International Green Design & Innovation Alliance of Youth. 


Dressed in traditional & elegant Hanfu attire, international students learnt about the history and development of Silk Road, joined discussions about the role of silk, porcelain & tea during the silk road era trade, and experienced the enriching beauty of Chinese silk culture in striking silk art-works at the "Fan Yanyan Silk Art Experience Centre". Apart from experiencing the traditional customs and Silk Road culture; NPU student together with children from XJTU affiliated Primary School ornamented the phrase, "We are together at the Starting Point of Silk Road" on a beautiful silk scroll; as a gift for the Silk Road Forum.


"We are waiting for you at the starting point of the Silk Road!", a loud slogan paved with love and hospitality by NPU students and children in the promotional video ("Silk Road on the Fingertips"- Silk Road Women's Forum promotional video of the Shaanxi Women’s Federation) is for all international students who are stranded in their home countries due pandemic; inviting them and other foreign friends to feel the charm and warmth of silk road culture and be with us soon; here at the starting point of ancient silk road, Xi’an.


The participation in this event is a great source of cultural involvement & learning for NPU International Students and they expressed that such experiences make them fall more in love & bonding with Xi'an, Shaanxi and China. Their countries were part of ancient silk road and modern Road and Belt initiative and it’s a privilege for them to study & live in a city that marks the starting point of history’s most important trade route. They always strive to tell this great Chinese story to their countrymen and spread the great silk road culture.










Writer: Lei yuchenzi, Jin Pengzheng

Receiver: Li Ziwei

Photography: Du Peng

Video: Zhao Ben

Editor: Miao Zhenyun

Source: Institute of International Education




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