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The “Blue School” of NPU Together with the Nine String Art Troupe Brought Aviation and Art Knowledge Online Popular Science Courses to Children in the Mountains

2021-08-31 15:50  

From August 3rd to August 10th, the aviation science popularization volunteer of the“Blue School” in NPU and the Nine String Art Troupe carried out a summer vacation course including aviation knowledge, art popularization and academic guidance for all students in Shaanxi Fengyuan nine-year school.

Volunteers having trial lectures before the activity

In the early stage of the activity, volunteers sincerely cooperated and prepared more than ten-course packages to present different courses for children in several age groups with different needs. Moreover, a fine division of the teaching group was carried out, and two trial lectures were conducted under the organization of the group leader. After the trial lectures, the teaching methods and course contents can be adjusted according to the volunteer's performance. In addition, the group leaders made a connection with the headteacher in Fengyuan school and agreed on the teaching platform as well as the teaching schedule to ensure that more children can enjoy the high-quality courses.

This lecture is divided into two parts: aviation science popularization and art knowledge explanation. The members of “Blue School” are responsible for the aviation part, while Nine String Art Troupe are is responsible for the art. These two parts are interspersed to stimulate children’s interest to the greatest extent and achieve a better science popularization effect.


During the three-day aviation science popularization, the volunteers brought children courses on the future development of aircraft. While teaching theoretical knowledge, the volunteers also prepared rich practical courses. Colourful experiments such as“flying pig”, “paper cup aircraft” and“bamboo dragonfly” took the children to experience the feeling of being an aircraft designer. Although the volunteers couldn’t guide the children to make it across the screen, through video chat and fine tutorials, all the students completed the production and successfully flew their own aircraft.

The volunteers from Nine String Art Troupe have brought all-inclusive art courses for children to experience the most authentic art. Members of the crosstalk team gave a detailed explanation of the traditional programme. Taking classic musicals and movies as examples, the volunteers of the vocal band led students to feel the charm of musicals and made a systematical description about the chorus and bel canto. The volunteers of the instrument band focused on the long history and structure of the zither, supplemented by soft pen calligraphy and human body sketch, so as to enrich and diversify the course content.

What’s more. there are many contemporary art courses. The rap team volunteers made an introduction to the origin of rap and hip-hop, hoping that the children can enrich their after-school life. And the volunteers of the dance team showed the charm of art to the students with dancing posture. As the Olympic Games are being held this summer, volunteers took this grand event to tell the history and context of the Olympic Games, cheered for the Olympic athletes in a unique way, and truly interpreted that“art comes from life”.

After the lecture, the children actively submitted feedback to the volunteers. Through words, paintings and handwritten newspapers, they conveyed their great gratitude to them. For volunteers, the seven-day hard work becomes more worthwhile at the moment when they see the children’s smiling faces.

Through a few days of courses and in-depth exchanges with children, students in poor areas have improved their artistic and cultural literacy and have been spread artistic dreams as well as aviation dreams in their hearts.

Source: School of Aeronautics


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