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 News

This Mid Autumn Festival is different!

2021-09-23 17:31  

It happened to be Mid Autumn Festival, while the women volleyball match of the 14th National Games of the People’s Republic of China was in full swing in the gymnasium at NPU. The volunteers fully carried forward the spirit of unity, cooperation as well as enthusiastic service and stuck to their posts, just like the stars against the perfect scene in Ao’xiang gymnasium.

In this competition, there are 180 volunteers from Northwestern Polytechnical University (including 4 team leaders), 113 volunteers from Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology (including 1 team leader) and 31 volunteers from Xi’an Mingde Institute of Technology (including 1 team leader). They are composed of the competition team, comprehensive team, reception team, media team, medical team, Anti-Doping team, exhibition team, audience team, operation and maintenance team, finance team, market team and information team.

At the entrance of the audience, you will see the market team checking tickets. They will also pick up tickets for the audience at the east gate ticket booth.


After entering the auditorium, the display team will do atmosphere guidance, deliver microphones or souvenirs for the audience.


The volunteers of the audience team are on standby to provide guidance and services to all guests.

CCTV, Xinhua news agency, People’sDaily, China Sports News and other news media staff will be guided and received by media team volunteers.

The volunteers of the reception team are responsible for guiding guests and delegations.

The comprehensive team is an important part of the off-site guarantee for the smooth progress of the 14th National Games of the People’s Republic of China. It is responsible for receiving and serving VIP guests in the non-closed area, filing and sorting out documents, and assisting in sorting out the meeting minutes.


The volunteers of the Anti-Doping team were responsible for assisting the station manager and inspector of the doping inspection station to complete the escort and access control.


On the competition field, the professional volunteers of the competition team stick to their positions.


We can also see the volunteers from the medical team during the competition for medical assistance. They will also be found in the training ground, infirmary and auditorium.

Outside the venue, the competition arrangement division from the competition team will arrange and fill in various forms for the competition process, and record and calculate the team results.

Until the lights of the whole venue have been extinct, the lights in the competition arrangement office are still on. To ensure a successful competition process, the volunteers continue to shine in the dark.

The information team is also stationed outside the venue. They are responsible for managing the most important main center in the process of information flow------the event management system.


In addition, the field equipment team is responsible for the handling and recycling of various equipment; the technical officer service team is responsible for the reception and guidance of technical officers and referees; the team service team is responsible for connecting with the volleyball teams; the finance team join the market team to assist them after the preparation before the competition; the operation and maintenance team provides logistics support for the volunteers every day.

On the evening of the 20th, as the first rest day after the competition, teachers and students, security and logistics staff sat around the playground in Chang'an campus of NPU to bathe in the moonlight and celebrate the festival!



The volunteer office also celebrated a collective birthday party for the volunteers whose birthday was in September.

Source: School Youth League Committee & Logistics Industry Group

Translator: Wu Jinyao


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