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 News

Every Student of NPU Has Such a Story...

2021-10-29 17:43  

As the autumn wind rises and yellow leaves fall, it is time for persimmons to mature. Persimmon represents luck in Chinese folk customs.

The persimmon tree in the teaching area of Youyi Campus carries the memory of NPUers and accompanies generations of NPU students to grow and become talents. There are about 43 persimmon trees on the old campus.

According to the retired teachers, the persimmon tree in the old campus originated in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The red persimmons will hang high on the branches every autumn, shining like the sun. Walking on the campus, persimmon trees are like warm lanterns, staying red and bright.

As the “treasure” of NPU, the school has held the “Persimmon Picking Festival” for two consecutive years. Recently, the third persimmon picking festival of NPU opened in the Youyi Campus.

This persimmon picking competition has recruited 12 teams of teachers and students from the whole school, and each team is composed of 3-5 members. The organizer provides a unified picking tool for each group. It counts on how the team members play tricks with their skills!

Maybe the “red lanterns” are too tempting, and their sweet taste seems to penetrate the thin peel, which makes the team members can't help to take a bite during the game. With the sweet and delicious taste in your mouth, eating one persimmon won’t be enough at all.

Some players tried to hold back their saliva and concentrate on the game. Wearing their helmet and taking a bow step with their legs, they seem to be exerting all their strength.

There are many professional players among the team members. Their actions are skilled: aim at the target, catch the persimmon, turn the pole, “click” sound... At this time, other team members need to have quick eyes and hands, catch quickly, and the persimmons will fall into the bag.

After hard work, persimmons finally filled the baskets of all teams. And there, of course, was a winner.

“Persimmon King” is here!

The “Persimmon King” has bright color, weighs 233.5g, and has no scars on the whole body, which is very beautiful.

Not far from the picking site, a group of people were busy. It turned out that the students were making persimmon cakes under the guidance of the chefs of the school canteen.

The students who wear professional equipment have the temperament of a chef. Kneading the dough, mix the stuffing and put it into the cake pan. Then the lovely smell spreads instantly. The persimmon cake has a crispy outside and soft inside was born! Take a bite and it will be sweet to the deep in your heart!

Facing the camera, Zhang Tianyi from the School of Materials Science and Engineering finally put down his persimmon cake and praised that this competition was not only visually exciting but also full of fun and with great taste!

The competition also prepared well-designed persimmon themed postcards for all participants. The students filled in the postcards on-site and sent them with the help of the staff.

After the game, the team members stayed to clean up the “battlefield”, and many “achievements” will be shared with teachers and students in the new campus.

This activity makes full use of the characteristic resources of our school, enlarges the campus cultural life, enriches the forms of party history learning and education, as well as stimulates the working spirit of teachers and students and the enthusiasm of loving the Party and the school.

Source: NPU News

Translator: Wu Jinyao


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