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 News

The School of Computer Science held the first "Hello@World" International Vision Expansion Theme Activity

2021-11-16 16:02  

To expand students’ global vision, enhance students’ cross-cultural understanding and international communication capabilities, and enrich the college’s international atmosphere, the School of Computer Science and Technology has initiated the the Hello@World Bridging Global Vision, a series of activities to expand international horizons with the theme of "Global Vision". On the evening of November 14, the first theme event was held in the conference room of the School of Computer Science. The theme of this salon lecture wasModel United Nations and International Vision. Wang Dongming, a former presidium member of the Model Union team from the School of Astronautics of NPUwas invited As the keynote speaker. More than 30 students (including foreign students) from the School of Computer, School of Electronics and Information and School of Aeronautics etc participated in the event.

This event is divided into three parts. First of all, Wang Dongming interacted with everyone by throwing out a few questions, introducing themes, mobilizing everyone's enthusiasm. And soon the students were attracted, which opened up a good vibe for the event. Then, Wang Dongming led everyone to discuss and analyze the topic of establishment of Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone in the Region of the Middle East, and guided everyone to learn how to think and analyze hot issues in the world. Under the leadership of the presenter, the students actively participated in the event, displaying their ideas and insights. Finally, under the foreshadowing of the first two sessions, Wang Dongming introduced to the students in detail what is Model United Nations, the development form of Model United Nations, and shared his experience and gains in participating in various activities. The content of the report is detailed, rich, lively and interesting, which not only broadens everyone's horizons and knowledge but also stimulates everyone's interest in English learning and the understanding of various projects. The students expressed that they have benefited a lot.

“Hello@World” integrates the classic computer program“Hello World” with“@BridgingGlobal Vision”, hoping to make it a brand event during the international development of the school. In the future, we will invite experienced speakers in different fields. The lecturer will use English-based teaching and communication methods with Chinese as a supplement to help create a good international atmosphere for the school of Computer Science, stimulate students' enthusiasm for international exchanges, and cultivate students' global vision.

(Source: School of Computer Science)

  (Translator: He Hongyao)


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