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 News

The beginning of winter at NPU, evidenced by the first snow

2021-11-09 15:27  

At the end of the year, autumn fades and winter comes as promised.

At this time, the beginning of winter and the first snow meets unexpectedly.

Clouds rushed last night,

Crushed into snow that has fallen so far this morning.

The world is wrapped in silver today,

Buried the autumn who turned around in a hurry.

Everything is the best arrangement.

This time today,

Enjoy the first snow scene at NPU

Go to an appointment with romance.

Last night, snow fell and then the world suddenly became soft.

Last night, I walked around the campus and felt the surprise from heaven.

New snow of the year has fallen,

At night, the NPU is tiled with bright shadows and silver snow.

Last night, there should be more light because of the snow.

After the snow, the Qinling Mountains are full of blue orchids, and the fairy mist is lingering.

The first sunshine in winter,

like the gold thread penetrates the haze,

Wrapped the cold early winter in the silver clothing,

The thin golden halo was plated.

The shadow of Zhongnan Mountain shines on the setting sun,

NPU is reflected in the snow,

The rain fell and patted ginkgo leaves,

Snowflakes sprinkled beside Qizhen Lake.

Snow is a big romance, falling into the little world.

The first snow is a book for the world,

The book is full of surprises and wishes.

Who said that winter is without vitality,

At the beginning of winter in NPU, everything is full of vitality.

Like everything is about to enter hibernation,

The troubles of spring, summer and autumn will also be hidden in the lovely winter.

And the thing that will replace trouble,

are wishes to be realized one after another.

Looking Changan Campus fromYouyi Campus,

Following the school song wall to the Gongzi Building,

See the pear tree by the School Building,

Ride a bicycle to admire the early winter scenery of the campus.

"There is no sound in my ears, and I have been cleansed in my eyes."

Did Tao Qian also meet this kind of snow unexpectedly that day?

The snow stopped, build a snowman, talk to him or her

Write a "come on" and encourage each other

This is a happy time in campus

Live up to your youth, live up to your dreams.

Today is the beginning of winter,

Feel the love in NPU,

Evidenced by the first snow!

Source: NPU News

Translator: He Hongyao


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