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 News

The Record of the Orientation Volunteer Activity for Class 2021 of QMES

2021-09-02 15:39  

With uninhibited dreams, new students of the Class 2021 come to the university to register from August 28th to 29th, beginning the new stage from here. According to the unified arrangement of NPU, Youth League Committee, and Undergraduate student Union planned the 2021 orientation volunteer service activity. More than 80 students in the college participated in it, welcoming the arrival of freshmen with sincere smiles and warm actions.

Due to the prevention and control of the Covid-19, parents of the freshmen could not enter the campus. However, all the volunteers were devoted to warming the new students. On August 26, the orientation volunteers participated in an online training meeting to keep the orientation going on wheels. With enthusiasm and a high sense of responsibility, the volunteers were trained in the activity’s process, what they should do, and what freshmen should do when they register, Based on the youth League Committeeguideline, the volunteers needed to get in touch with the freshmen in advance and assist them in completing the registration.

On August 27th, volunteers decorated the venue elaborately for registration, welcoming the arrival of new students.

On the afternoon of August 28th, new students came to the campus one after another. Volunteers helped them carry their luggage,opening their university life.

Volunteers’enthusiasm melted the sense of the strangeness of first-year students on that rainy day. They chatted with newcomers about colorful university life, answered questions.

At the outfield spot, volunteers introduced the remarkable achievements in education of QMES and the outstanding seniors to the freshmen, which established the solid foundation to adjust to new life for first-year students.

At the check-in area, the volunteers helped newcomers register orderly and gave them gifts prepared by QMES. From this moment on, they officially became members of QMES.

During the orientation period, President Wang visited the registration point, praising the volunteering work. Dean Kong Jie came to the orientation many times to welcome all new students.

With the registration of the last student on the evening of August 29, the orientation of volunteer work successfully ended. The volunteers interpreted the spirit of QMES with enthusiasm. Welcome the freshmen of Class 2021 to be a part of the family of QMES! We would work hard together and enjoy a bright future.

Source: QMES

Text by Ye Yaowen, Liu Minxi, Xue Longqi, Qiu Runquan

Photo by Zhang Lianzhou, Zhou Tong, Wei Siyu, Chen Kejia, Lin Yanjun

Edited by Wu Sijia

Reviewed by Huang Quanzhang, Chen Yin


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