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 News

The warm moments in winter

2021-11-15 16:01  

The end of the year is approaching, the cold wave hits,

The weather has been colder day by day...

But in the canteen, dormitory, library...every corner of NPU has such a group of uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters. They do their jobs silently, carefully and patiently in their ordinary positions, and deliver warmth to people.

He cares for teachers and students in a family-style.

Yang Xu is the head chef of the fifth restaurant of the Food Service Center in Chang'an campus. He has been working in NPU for 26 years.

Picking, cutting, stir-frying and participating in the daily formulation of the variety of dishes in the restaurant...He is always happy about doing catering work. Yang has a habit, whenever he introduces some new dishes, he will always stand silently at the window, gathering needs and opinions from teachers and students and then adjusting the taste of the meals, to improve the quality and nutrition of the food.

In order to introduce new dishes, he actively thinks and tries. He visited the old staff to learn about the history and traditional dishesatNPUin the 1980s and 1990s. He introduced “Old-FashionedFood“last semester. He wanted to use dishes and tastes similar to those in the 1980s and 1990s, guiding students to understand the history of NPU, and fulfilling their duties of educating students through service.

This semester, the restaurant where Yang worked has been designated as the catering service guarantee restaurant for the 14th National Games and the Paralympic Games, guaranteed meals for staff and volunteers. Yang is like a perpetual motion machine, as long as there is demand, he will start cooking tirelessly. Although he is a chef, he often misses his meals...

He uses "electricity" and "love" to shine

Su Junbo, a power support and maintenance worker in the Power Service Center who has been working in NPU for 15 years.

Su is responsible for the power operation and daily maintenance of Chang'an campus, the management and maintenance of the elevators of the whole school, the operation of the fire protection monitoring of the buildings in the west area of the campus, the installation of new equipment power supplies in the laboratories of the colleges, and the power guarantee for the activities held on the campus.

The operation of electric power is related to the production of our campus. When there is a problem with the power system, the Power Security Department of the Power Service Center always stands by no matter day and night. At this moment, Su will always appear at the front line of emergency repairs.

In the heating season of this year, as the leader of the Power Security Department of the Logistic Power Service Center of Changan Campus, his task is not easy. The equipment pre-maintenance already started in the summer. From home inspection to equipment replacement, Su is familiar with the situation of every building in the area he is responsible for. Just because of the responsibility in his heart——letting every NPUerslive a warm winter.

It is said that Su also loves to study. Su often goes to the library to read books about electrical automation in his spare time. "I am often inspired by our vigorous students. It’s never too old to learn and improve my skills!"

She is warm "nest guarder"

Wang Pingru, the dorm duty officer of Xingtian Student Apartment Building G of Chang'an Campus, has worked at NPU for 11 years.

"Did you get the reply for your repairs last time dear?"

"It’srainy today according to the weather forecast, remember to bring an umbrella!"

During 11 years of work, Wang was always busy passing through different floors. She cleans the apartment every day carefully so that students can have a comfortable living environment and check the facilities in the dormitory carefully to eliminate safety hazards in the building. Wangis also skilled at needlework and students will ask her to help them fix their clothes sometimes.

Wang has another stunt, which is her amazing memory. If unfamiliar faces appear in front of the building, she can quickly identify them and ask them immediately. She said: "I got such a good memory by practising day after day. Every duty officers in NPU can recognize more than a thousand students in their building."

During the interview, Wang mentioned the most was: "They are like my own children." It is true, a banana shared by students, and the look in their eyes when they graduate... They are not relatives but much like relatives.

He built a bridge between the two campuses.

Wang Lifeng, the driver of the Transportation Service Center, has worked at the school for 4 years.

Although Wang's working space is only a small carriage, he has built an invisible bridge betweentheChang’an campus the Youyi campus. It takes more than 30 kilometers to go back and forth 2-3 times a day. When he is busy, he has to be on duty for more than 13 hours.

The morning and evening hours are the rush hour. However, with more than 4 years of driving experience on this road, Wang drove smoothly, rarely had sudden brakes, and never had a traffic accident. "Parents hand over their kids to the school, and I am responsible for them... What I am responsible for is the life safety of teachers and students on the school bus. During each journey, I always remind myself to be vigilant." Wang said, "I spare some time to exercise every day after work. With a good body, I can serve everyone better!"

Students forgot their personal belongings on the school bus occasionally. Wang will always try his best to contact the owner and keep it properly until the property returns to them.

"Teachers and students, please wear your masks properly and fasten your seat belts. We’re about to depart!"

He is an artist in the NPU campus.

Wu Chunchang, the cleaner of the Property Service Center, has been working in the school for 28 years.

He started the dawn of the campus with diligence and measured the roads of the campus with his footsteps. He is an artist in the NPU campus. Every morning, when the teachers and students are still asleep, Wu already carries his cleaning tools and embarks on a new day's journey.

In late autumn, the leaves on campus gradually turned yellow and withered. The road gradually covered a golden layer. The fallen leaves become fragmented after being soaked in rainwater and crushed by vehicles, which increases the difficulty of cleaning. In order to improve efficiency, Wu used his hands and arms instead of a shovel to pick up the leaves and garbage in the compression car, over and over again.

The road he had cleaned was brand new, and the glass he had cleaned was spotless. He said: "In the past 30 years at NPU, cleaning the campus is no longer a job but an emotion. Although I have given hard work, I have gained much joy."

More people who devoted themselves to making NPU better...

The officers of the Commercial Service Center rushed around every day to contact the source of goods and organize delivery. During the pandemic, they went around to find places for purchasing. At that time, it took a lot more effort to fully meet the needs of the campus.

From conference reception to accommodation guarantee, the teachers from the Cultural Exchange Center do their best to provide diversified services to teachers and students.

The repair and maintenance of telephones and digital TVs, the loss report of student IDs, and the operation and maintenance of the school's multimedia classroom set and care are all guaranteed by the officers of the Logistics Service Center.

The installation, management and maintenance of the campus conventional hardware facilities and the tree transplantation are all done by the officers of the Engineering Construction Center.

With many years of experience in serving educational examinations, the Examination Service Center is committed to providing standardized technical services for various types of examinations in Shaanxi Province.

They have integrated love, care, and responsibility into daily services and guarantee for students. They stayed at school for a much longer time than staying at home. There is no complete weekend, and they devote themselves silently and warmly in their ordinary positions and have been worming every students' heart.

This winter, they will continue to provide good service for everyone, hoping that every student will have a comfortable time at NPUand every parent will be at ease with their children's campus life and study.

Source: NPU News

Translator: He Hongyao


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