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 News

QMES Held an Exchange Meeting for Full-English Teaching and Trial Lectures

2021-09-16 15:49  

On September 10, 2021, QMES organized and held an exchange meeting for full-English trial lectures in the West Library XA304 of Youyi Campus. Dong Dianbiao from the School of MechanicalEngineering and Shen Zhikang from the School of Materials Science and Engineering attended this meeting. In addition, Associate Professor Tao Yi from Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology of South Australia An De College, Dr Colin Crick from Queen Mary University in London, Associate Professor Liu Jianxi from School of Materials Science and Engineering, Associate Professor Shi Xuetao from School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Timothy Kingham from School of Foreign Studies, and student representatives of grade 2018 were invited in this exchange activity for all-English teaching and trial lectures.

Dong Dianbiao, who teaches the course Engineering Design Method, guided students to discover engineering design in their life utilizing Huawei’s innovative achievements. It helped students establish a knowledge framework and emphasized the engineering design process of “Conceptual Design-embodiment design-Detail Design.”A diversified assessment mechanism, designed by Dong Dianbiao, helps students purposefully apply what they have learned, focused on the various ways of presenting knowledge, such as writing and speech. When describing the complexity of engineering design, he took the electric hot-water bottle as an example to show its complex parameters, paving the way for the follow-up study of DOE. In this way, the demonstration with both pictures and text and clear presentations allowed the students to have a concrete understanding of relevant professional concepts.

Mr Shen Zhikang gave a trial lecture on a rapidly developing emerging technology of Manufacturing Technology— Friction Stir Welding (FSW). He started with the classification of welding technology to encourage students to identify the similarities and differences between this welding technology and other welding technologies. He designed some questions and interacted with the students to keep the teaching quality during the lecture.

After the meeting, the judges discussed and gave comments on the trial lectures of two teachers. The spotlight of the meeting was on how to improve students’ participation in the class. In addition, the teachers and students in the forum also put forward constructive opinions and suggestions to the two teachers on course assessment methods and PPT layout.

This meeting absorbed and integrated teaching modes and concepts between China and foreign countries by discussing teaching techniques among Chinese and foreign teachers and student representatives, fully advantaged the project resource of Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools in the new era. Meanwhile, it improves the teaching quality of full-English courses in the school, creating an efficient learning atmosphere in the classroom, and building a high-level and high-quality teaching staff of QMES.

Text by OuYang Guanyu,Ye Haohan, Huang Botao

Photo by Dingjing

Edited by Wu Sijia

Reviewed by Fan Xiaoli


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