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At the beginning of a dream, spread the wings to hover-2021 freshman of QMES entrance education series activities were successfully held

2021-09-18 11:02  

Sweet-scented osmanthus scent, lotus pond, at the beginning of a dream, spread the wings to hover.

In order to let the new students of Class 2021 adapt to university life more quickly, learn more about the history of NPU and plan their university life as early as possible, OMES has organized a series of activities for all new students in the second week of entrance education.

Visit the University History Museum

On September 6, students visited the University History Museum with the introduction of the lecturer. The first thing that caught their eyes was the exhibition board with the history of the university. The students carefully studied the history of NPU over the past decades. They revisited the "Light of Guluba" and the spirit of the westward migration of East China Aviation Academy, which stimulated students’ feelings of the university’s rich historical and cultural heritage and potential deeply. Following the introduction of the lecturer, the students learned about the courageous and enterprising spirit of the old generation of NPU people and the brilliant deeds of outstanding alumni. They admired their noble ideology and moral character. They are also inspired by their example, set up ambitious ideals, aspire to be the continuer of the "NPU phenomenon" and contribute to the development of the country.

Meeting with British teachers

From September 6 to September 9, the British teachers conducted three "face to face" sessions with the students online to help them be used to the full English teaching mode. The British teachers patiently answered the freshmen's questions about complete English study and professional curriculum during the meeting. Meanwhile, they encouraged new students to actively participate in the interaction, adapting to the English learning environment. The British teachers also emphasized that QMES students are dual-enrolled, both as students of NPU and as students of QMUL. So they hope that the students would maximize the advantage of the valuable educational resources and research platforms of both China and the UK and become international composite talents with global vision, solid professional competitiveness, and high comprehensive quality.

College leaders went to the dormitory to convey greetings to freshmen

On the evening of September 6, Dean Kong Jie, Vice Dean Cheng Yin, and counsellors visited the 2021 freshmen in Haitian Court’s No. 2 dormitory building. Dean Kong kindly communicated with the new students about their hometowns, acceptance of climate and dietary differences, their study preparation, and so on. He also encouraged newcomers to cherish university time by enriching their knowledge and professional skills in the new environment, planning their life goals carefully, accomplishing their dream with unremitting efforts and inheriting the NPU refined learning style. This cordial greetings and face-to-face communication from the college leaders brought the new students many emotions. They made first-year students feel the warmth and care of the QMES family, which provides an effective way for the College to understand students' needs better, solve their difficulties, enhance their experience and carry out student work in the next step.

Academic specialization guidance and introduction to the second classroom

On September 7, QMES invited Mr Shi Xuetao and Mr Gao Pengfei,who are two department heads to display the training program, development overview and study methods both in Materials Science and Engineering and Polymer Materials and Engineering, which helps the new students understand their majors systematically and deeply. On September 8, Mr Xia Chunyu, vice secretary of the CCYL Committee of the University, introduced student organizations, innovative and entrepreneurial activities and colorful campus cultural life. He also encouraged them to be educated, grow and contribute in practical exercises, learn knowledge dedicate their talents, and write a glorious new chapter of university life together. On September 9, QMES invited Professor Qu Yongquan from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering to give a presentation to new students. Professor Qu explained the close connection between chemistry and society funnily and humorously, making the theoretical knowledge vivid and stimulating students’ interest in learning. Professor Qu Yongquan's profound knowledge has enabled him to gain many fans. In these three classes, the students gained a lot and understood "what is a real university", and had a more detailed plan for their university life. It believed that they would meet their new selves after four years.

Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards. In the first large-scale class meeting of the new semester, counsellor Zhuang Qiang explained the spirit and refined tradition of NPU. The old generation of NPU rooted in the west of China to dedicate to national defence by striving hard, seeking truth and pragmatism, pioneering and innovating, pursuing the first-class education level. At the same time, he encouraged first-year students to create a refined learning style and strive to be excellent students. He also emphasized the importance of abiding by the school rules and regulations. Wang Zihang, a part-time counsellor, helped the students understand the student handbook, including introducing academic registry, academic management regulations, training program, disciplinary and reward methods, dormitory management regulations, examination style, discipline, etc. Finally, Mr Fu Lei, the vice-captain of the Nine Strings Club, organized everyone to learn and sing the university’s song to experience the spirit of NPU deeply. Through this theme class meeting, students further clarified the discipline and academic requirements of the school and university. In addition, newcomers thought about personal development planning profoundly and understood the main study tasks during college. Everyone expressed that they would study diligently, grow hard and strive for continuous growth with the guidance of teachers in the college.

On the morning of September 10, Vice President Cheng Yin taught a Party class titled "Source of Spirit, Passing on the Fire" to all freshmen 2021. Vice President Cheng Yin gave an in-depth explanation of the content of General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech at the conference celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the essence and connotation of the Great Party Building Spirit, from the deep meaning of the Great Party Building Spirit, which is the source of the spiritual genealogy of the Communist Party of China, the profound connotation of the Great Party Building Spirit, and the inheritance and promotion of the Great Party Building Spirit. While implementing the spirit of inheriting the great Party, the Party class also inspired all the freshmen to practice their original intention and take up the mission, to open a new chapter of their lives with full enthusiasm, and to walk the road to the second 100 years of trial with a never-slackening mental state and an unrelenting struggle.

Class leaders training and experience sharing sessions by seniors

To strengthen the working awareness of 2021 new class cadres, improve their working ability and enhance the communication among them, the college invited outstanding class cadres of Class 2019 and Class 2020 to participate in experience sharing in the afternoon of September 10. The seniors clarified the job responsibilities and the role of class leaders to everyone and introduced their work experience and special activities with the actual situation. During the exchange and discussion, everyone spoke enthusiastically and discussed topics around class cohesion and campus life enrichment. Finally, the seniors expressed their earnest expectations to the new students, encouraging them to raise their political awareness, be firm in their ideals, be courageous, be good at what they do, and better take the lead in the management of the grade.

This series of activities of freshmen's entrance education guide freshmen to understand their majors, clarify their learning goals, and gradually form a perfect sense of self-planning. We hope that all freshmen will work hard, grow up in the following college life, and start a new life journey.

Text by Su Yujing, Li Mukun, Zhuang Qiang

Photo by 2021 new students

Edited by Wu Sijia

Reviewed by Cheng Yin


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