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2 Golds, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze — QMES Achieved Another Good Result in the 7th China International "Internet+" Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Shaanxi Province

2021-12-09 16:35  

Recently, the final of the 7th China International "Internet+" Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Shaanxi Province was successfully held online. After a fierce competition, NPU has won 15 gold awards, 17 silver awards, and7bronze awards. The four teams hosted by QMES undergraduates stood out and won 2 golds,1 silver, and 1 bronze award, making a breakthrough.

The project team, "Guangfu Tongchuang-Pioneer of Green Transformation Intelligent Glass," has always been committed to developing the environmental-friendly intelligent glass since established, focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship and explores and practices. This group has accumulated one national first prize, one special provincial prize, and several invention patents.

The team "NIUVS - Creating a New Era of 5G UAV Multi-Aircraft Collaboration" has actively participated in the innovation and entrepreneurship competitions in recent years and has won many honors. They are the first team of NPU to be the "IIT Soaring Space of NPU".

This competition, themed“To venture, to create”, includes three sections: the competitive events, the Journey of the Youth red dreams and concurrent activities. It requires participating projects should combine new-generation information technologies and information technologies with various fields of economy and society closely, such as mobile internet, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, “internet of things”, next-generation communication technology, and blockchain, serving the construction of new infrastructure and cultivating new products, services, business models and modes.

The main purpose of this competition is to explore new ways of talent cultivation, lead relative profound changes, cultivate innovative and entrepreneurial forces, promote high-quality employment and entrepreneurship, and construct a new pattern of quality education development, insisting on promoting innovation through competition and providing students with a new platform for innovation and entrepreneurship.IntheMarch, with the unified deployment of the university, our college launched the selection of seed projects of innovation and entrepreneurship, recommended several key projects to the university, and actively organized students to participate in the training sessions held by the university. The members of the winning project team actively prepared for the competition, continuously improving the production process and technical procedures. In addition, through the careful guidance of the expert group, team members continued to accumulate experience, making the project increasingly mature. With the unremitting efforts and solidarity of all the members, the four works stood out in the preliminary round and advanced to the provincial competition, finally winning 2 golds, 1 silver, 1 bronze award.

In recent years, the college has continuously implemented the fundamental task of establishing moral education and strictly focused on academic and innovative practices to promote students' academic and career development as well as practical and innovative ability. Up to now, students have received 397 awards at the provincial and ministerial levels, including 141 international awards, 104 national awards and 152 provincial and ministerial awards. In addition, they participated in the publication of 90 academic papers as well as the authorization of 86 invention patents. Furthermore, they won 2 silver prizes and 4 bronze prizes in the 5th and 6thInternet+ competitions, making a historic breakthrough for our university in the international circuit. They also received 2 bronze prizes in the "Challenge Cup" national competition, 1 gold prize, 1 special prize and 2 silver prizes in the province.

The success achieved in this provincial competition is the result of the unification of teaching practice and innovation and entrepreneurship practice by the instructors and team members of each project, as well as the result of deepening the concept of research and education in our college. The college will continue to promote teaching reform, strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship education for students, and improve students' innovation and entrepreneurship ability, realizing“learning through competition, teaching through competition, innovation through competition”, and contributing to the international talent training and "double first-class" construction of our university.

Written by Gong Yujiu, Wen Jiyuan and Huang Quanzhang

Photographed by Qiu Quanrun, Li Liangchen

Edited by Wu Sijia

Reviewed by Kong Jie, Cheng Yin


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