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The Series Lectures Themed Charming “Youth Trip” of QMES are Now On!

2021-10-13 16:43  

To further improve the comprehensive quality of teachers and students of QMES and cultivate their cultural self-confidence, QMES has organized and carried out a series of lectures on the theme of Charming “Youth Trip”.On October 8, Prof. Yu Suihuai, invited by QMES, delivered the first lecture themed “Viewing the Chinese Nation and Its Innovative Spirit from the Perspective of Cultural Relics”. It deepened teachers’ and students’ understanding of Chinese traditional culture, stimulated their sense of national pride and mission, and strengthened their patriotic enthusiasm.

Lining the process of human civilization and the development of historical dynasties, Prof.Yu explained different cultural concepts and design ideas in different historical periods, highlighted the “Intelligent Creation” and “Craftsman Spirit” with unique Chinese characteristics behind the design of cultural relics. At the same time, from the perspective of appreciation of Chinese cultural relics, he led audiences to profoundly understand Chinese civilization and experience the civilization accumulation and innovative spirit of the Chinese nation.It enhanced the cultural self-confidence and patriotism of the whole country.

Prof.Yu started with the first witness of Chinese culture: Oracle (namely, inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty), which guided teachers and students to appreciate the vivid hieroglyphics. At the same time, he also wrote oracles on-site and interacted with the students, deepening the students’ impression of the wisdom in ancient Chinese characters. Then, he introduced the ancient Chinese musical instruments, ranging from the beautiful and accurate chimes to different kinds of the Pipa, and then to the beautiful and moving Xun (namely, an ancient egg-shaped and holed wind instrument), so that the students could experience the fascinating charm of Chinese traditional folk musical instruments. Meanwhile, he connected the tuning of chimes with the mechanics of materials, which inspired the students to think deeply about their majors.

By talking about ancient Chinese architecture and the use of related tools, Professor Yu showed everyone the cultural traditions of the Chinese nation and the wisdom of our ancients. In addition, he also introduced the color silk textile machine in the Han Dynasty in combination with contemporary electronic memory and vividly explained to everyone the brilliance of the color silk textile machine beyond the era.

Last but not least, Professor Yu’s explanation of the Book of Songs was also full of power. Taking the Book of Songs as the starting point, Professor Yu talked about the far-reaching impact of Confucius and his Confucianism on the Chinese nation, making the audience have a deeper understanding of Confucius’Thoughts, the essence of Confucianism, and other excellent Chinese traditional culture.

After the lecture, all audiences have enhanced their sense of national pride and mission. It is of great practical significance for strengthening their cultural self-confidence, promoting excellent Chinese traditional culture, shaping the cultivation of noble characters, and gathering and developing positive energy.

Text by Li Weihao

Photo by Li Weihao,Yu Junyi

Edited by Wu Sijia

Reviewed by Chen Yin


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