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The Series Lectures Themed Charming “Youth Trip” of QMES - the Experience of Studying for 13 Years and the Thoughts of Teaching for Over 6 Years

2021-10-28 14:49  

On October 27, Professor Yan Yi from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of NPU, invited by QMES, delivered a report on the theme of “the Experience of Studying for 13 Years and the Thoughts of Teaching for Over 6 Years”, which could help all the freshmen in grade 2021get familiar with the campus environment as soon as possible and adapt to their study life of the University, and to help students take the first step in their academic planning.

Combined with his own experience from entering undergraduate life in 2002, to pursue a doctorate, and finally returning to teaching at NPU after going abroad for further studies, Professor Yan Yi shared his “suffering and joy” with the freshmen on-site during the process of learning and scientific research.

Throughout the report, the mainline was“How to learn? How to live? and How to succeed?”. Based on study experience, Professor Yan Yi introduced various learning methods to everyone, and he hoped that everyone could improve their professional learning ability through the first class. In contrast, they strengthen their comprehensive literacy through second-class activities such as innovation, entrepreneurship, and scientific research. Moreover, he put forward constructive suggestions for the students to integrate into the scientific research environment and break through their development bottleneck. He encouraged students to face the obstacles on the way forward with a good attitude and positive emotions in their daily study and life to improve their adaptability to the environment constantly. In addition, Professor Yan Yi also explained the professional background, the curriculum requirements, and the future development trend of QMES so that all the students could more clearly understand their academic planning paths and career development goals.

After the report, the students exchanged and interacted with Professor Yan Yi regarding innovation and entrepreneurship, learning, and scientific research progress. In a word, this lecture has laid a solid foundation for first-year students to better adapt to and plan their college life.

QMES will continue to carry out a series of lectures on QM Charming's "Youth Trip" around different themes and adhere to the school-running philosophy of cultivating people with morality and taking students as its root. At the same time, QMES will follow the law of students' growth and development, closely combine with students' reality, and help them learn self-education and improvement, solidly understand professional knowledge, cultivate their cultural self-confidence, and improve their comprehensive quality, so that they can strive to become the socialist builders and successors with all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique, beauty, and labor.

Text by Bi Jialong

Photo by Bi Jialong

Edited by Wu Sijia

Reviewed by Chen Yin


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