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 News

The 2021 Graduate of QMES Won the Third Place in the Young Persons’ World Lecture

2021-11-18 18:52  

On November 11, the Young Persons’ World Lecture organized by the Institute of Materials, Minerals, and Mining (IoM3) ended. Fan Juncheng, a 2021 graduate of QMES, currently studying at the University of Cambridge, participated in the global finals as the champion of the China division and finally won third place!

The lecture was held in 2005 firstly and has attracted the attention of the world academia for a long time. As the only player studying for a master’s degree and whose native language is not English, Fan Juncheng competed with doctoral students from the United Kingdom, South Africa, Russia, Malaysia, and Canada. There’s no doubt that it was very challenging. He took the“Polydopamine-based Antibacterial Coatings Mussel-inspired Smart and Versatile Platforms for Orthopedic Implants” as the subject of this lecture. This subject was co-directed by Professor Li Peng of NPU, Professor Liz Tanner, and Dr Maria Romero-Gonzalez of QMUL. Besides, Fan Juncheng is one of the few students who have been shortlisted for the global finals with outstanding research results just at the undergraduate stage. Finally, he overcame the tremendous pressure, talked confidently, explained the subject, and answered the questions from the judges. As a result, he won third place and was rewarded with cash and a new version of the Macbook laptop. What made him even more proud was that his name appeared on the official website of the University of Cambridge and became a hot topic.

QMES always aims to cultivate innovative talents with international perspectives, lifelong learning abilities, and capabilities of transnational learning and work, building a progressive curriculum and scientific research and education system through top-level design, platform construction, and multi-dimensional promotion. Meanwhile, it starts with minor cases and characteristic experiments to cultivate students’thinking ability, incubates their innovation and creativity, and enhance their global competence.

It is hoped that the outstanding performance of Senior Fan Juncheng will inspire more students of QMES to display their talents and bloom their youthful vitality on the international stage on behalf of China and QMES.For more information, please visit

Text by Wang Luyan,Qi Yue

Photo by Fan Junchen

Edited by Wu Sijia

Reviewed by Kong Jie


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