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Congratulations! The Team Led by Professor Wang Wen Once again awarded as the "Top Ten Scientific Advances in Life Sciences of China"

2022-01-15 17:40  

On January 10, the China Union of Life Science Societies released the " Top Ten Scientific Advances in Life Sciences of China" in 2021. Among them, the project "Genetic Innovation Mechanism of Vertebrate Evolution from Aquatic to Terrestrial", jointly researched by the teams of Wang Wen and Wang Kun from the School of Ecology and Environment of Northwestern Polytechnical University, He Shunping from the Institute of Hydrobiology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Zhang Guojie from the Kunming Institute of Zoology, was successfully selected. This is the second time that the team led by Professor Wang Wen has been selected after being selected as one of the " Top Ten Scientific Advances in Life Sciences of China " in 2019. The annual selection of " Top Ten Scientific Advances in Life Sciences of China" aims to promote life science research and technological innovation, and fully display and publicize major scientific and technological achievements in China's life science field. The team led by Professor Wang Wen has been successfully selected twice, which fully demonstrates the breakthroughs made by the School of Ecology and Environment of Northwestern Polytechnical University in basic research in the field of life science. It is an important achievement of the strategic layout of the talent special zone with a distinct interdisciplinary background.

Since 2014, Northwestern Polytechnical University has launched the construction of the "Talent Special Zone", facing the frontiers of science and technology in the world, strengthening the layout of basic research and interdisciplinary, and establishing the talent special zone of the Ecology and Environmental Protection Research Center in 2015. Northwestern Polytechnical University boldly innovates in the mechanism of talent training, introduction as well as use and special policies are implemented in discipline development, platform building, team building. With continuous and stable financial support, a new model of high-level talent introduction and education is built with extraordinary measures. After more than 4 years of construction, the School of Ecology and Environment was formally established in November 2019, which constantly creating a platform that is conducive to the growth and development of talents, forming a good situation in which talents gather and compete, and continue to produce a series of high-level landmark achievements. Professor Wang Wen's team has developed and grown in this background. The team includes members such as Qiu Qiang, Wang Kun, and Chen Lei. They are mainly engaged in research on omics big data, biological adaptive evolution mechanisms and their bionic applications.

Top Ten Scientific Advances in Life Sciences of China in 2019, the team cooperate with domestic and foreign institutes, clarified the long-controversial evolutionary history of ruminants, analyzed the genetic basis of the unique traits of ruminants, and explored the genetic basis of the rapid regeneration of antlers and the anti-cancer ability of deer; revealed the molecular mechanism of circadian rhythm loss, efficient vitamin D and calcium metabolism in reindeer. The research explores and opens up new ways to study major life phenomena. The three research papers of the results were simultaneously published in the journal Science as cover stories (Science, 2019, 364: eaav6446; Science, 2019, 364: eaav6335; Science, 2019, 364: eaav6312).

The mechanism of adaptive evolution in ruminants and its enlightenment to health medicine

2019 Certificate of "Ruminant Genome Evolution and Its Implications for Human Health"

In this Top Ten Scientific Advances in Life Sciences of China in 2021, the team found that the ancestors of teleosts have evolved a preliminary genetic basis related to terrestrial adaptability, which has been further strengthened in the carnivorous fish represented by lungfish and finally perfected by tetrapods. successfully landed. Science reported that the achievement revealed "the genetic mystery of aquatic to terrestrial evolution hidden in extant fish"; Professor Per Alhberg, academician of the Swedish Academy of Sciences, wrote that the achievement overcomes the challenges of fossil research to study soft tissue organs and physiology. Neil Shubin, an academician of the Academy of Sciences and an international and renowned expert on vertebrate landing research, pointed out that the results "provide key cognition and long-awaited data" for understanding vertebrate aquatic to terrestrial research. Two research papers on this achievement were published as cover stories in the journal Cell (Cell, 2021, 184(5): 1362-1376; 1377-1391).

Major genetic innovations in vertebrate aquatic to terrestrial evolution

In the future, Northwestern Polytechnical University will further focus on the "Four Orientations", adhere to the scientific research value of "Integrity, Dignity, Education", based on its development characteristics, consolidate basic research capabilities, explore cutting-edge cross layouts, and fight for key core technologies. Help build the country's most important weapon, become the main force of basic research and the new force of major scientific and technological breakthroughs. The School of Ecology and Environment will also further combine the advantages of the traditional disciplines of the school, meet the major needs of sustainable human development and the construction of national ecological civilization, cultivate leading talents with patriotism, pursue excellence and lead the future, and strive to build a first-class ecological environment talent training platform and research institutions and strategic think tanks.

Source: NPU News


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