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 News

Welcome back!

2022-03-01 15:00  

Flowers bloom in spring and swallows return home. Northwestern Polytechnical University welcomes students back. Please check the calendar of the second semester of the 2021-2022 academic year. Let’s start a new semester together!



The willows are whirling and the school roads are full of beautiful flowers. Who have you walked through Wutong Boulevard, Qi Zhen lake with, and who have you seen the most beautiful scenery with? From now on, new expectations, new dreams, start!

The spring breeze at the foot of the Qin Ling Mountains comes as promised, and the lake light of the library comes at the right time. It is full of vitality and intertwined with dreams and hopes, adding a color of struggle to the campus of Northwestern Polytechnical University.

During this semester, there are 24 public courses for Postgraduates of Northwestern Polytechnical University, a total of 129-course teaching classes. The courses start in the second week, involving 77 teachers and 11753 postgraduates. The public courses for doctoral students are planned to start in 8 courses and 20-course teaching classes in total. All the courses start in the eighth week, involving 18 teachers and 665 doctoral students. Postgraduate professional courses are arranged by the offering schools according to the actual situation. There are 3201 courses offered for undergraduates in the spring semester of the 2021-2022 academic year.

In the library, study room and a corner of the campus, the way you read, the way you frown and think, and the way you look up to the stars are the most beautiful footnotes to the Northwestern Polytechnical University.

Talking about the food when you get tired. Come to the canteen to eat a bowl of hot food to comfort yourself after working hard all day.

Before you return, every desk in the classroom is well wiped and every flower in the corridor is carefully watered. The logistics staff did many things silently to welcome you back.

Make an appointment for a ball game and run with your schoolmates that you haven't seen for many days. How long haven't you exercised?

Learning is boundless and life is colorful. May the seeds of your dreams sown today grow into luxuriant trees in the future.

(Source: NPU News)


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