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 News

Undergraduates of the School of Life Sciences published papers in international top journals of bioinformatics

2022-03-29 09:50  

Recently, Luo Liheng, a 2018 student majoring in Biotechnology (an international class taught in English) at the School of Life Sciences, published a review paper entitled "Bibliometric review of ATAC-Seq and its application in gene expression" in the top international journal of bioinformaticsBriefings in Bioinformatics(IF = 11.622) (full text link: )。 The paper was completed under the guidance of Associate Professor Wang Sufang of the School of life sciences. It is also a concrete embodiment of integrating science and education and academic education into the curriculum reform and teaching practice of Bioinformatics(English). Teachers make full use of their academic background, tap various teaching resources, adhere to integrating cutting-edge bioinformatics research into the undergraduate classroom and scientific research practice, stimulate students' enthusiasm and endogenous motivation to carry out bioinformatics related research, and realize the breakthrough of undergraduate students of the School of life sciences in publishing academic papers in bioinformatics international top journals.

In terms of undergraduate teaching and talent training, Wang Sufang is responsible for the junior international class courseBioinformatics(English), which has been committed to curriculum reform and integrates cutting-edge bioinformatics research into the classroom, so as to stimulate students' enthusiasm for bioinformatics. Four students in the class do bioinformatics related projects under the guidance of Wang Sufang, and Luo Liheng is one of them. Wang Sufang has been cultivating students with a serious and responsible attitude, actively communicating with students, discovering the characteristics of each student and teaching students according to their aptitude. In contact with Luo Liheng, she found that the student has clear logical thinking, outstanding English reading and writing ability and strong summary ability and put forward suggestions to write an English summary. In the process of writing, Luo Liheng overcame many difficulties. With the encouragement and guidance of his tutor, Luo Liheng improved his ability to read literature and slowly wrote the prototype of the review paper. It took one and a half years from writing the paper to publishing. During this period, Wang Sufang communicated with students every week to discuss the progress of the article, clarify the next goal and improve the progress of scientific research. As of the publication of the paper, 58 experimental records have coexisted in Luo Liheng's research progress folder, and more than 1000 articles have coexisted in Endnote. The completion and publication of the paper have greatly improved students' comprehensive ability to solve problems.

The college always takes talent training as the top priority of its work, pays attention to the personalized, elite and international training of students, and improves students' innovation ability and comprehensive quality through scientific research. Relying on the undergraduate academic tutorial system, strengthen scientific research and education, constantly reform and innovate in the innovation of training mode, construction of curriculum system and the improvement of teaching quality, optimize the education environment, improve the guarantee mechanism, and continuously improve the training quality of biotechnology professionals by focusing on the construction of first-class courses and first-class majors.

(Source: School of Life Sciences)


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