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Global Power and Propulsion Society (GPPS)-Xi'an 2021 Opens Successfully

2022-04-15 11:10  

The Global Power and Propulsion Society (GPPS)-Xi'an 2021 is organized by the School of Power and Energy of Northwestern Polytechnical University and the School of Energy and Power Engineering of Xi'an Jiaotong University. It was held in Xi'an for the first time, focusing on the challenges and opportunities in the power and propulsion field under the carbon reduction target, attracting an enthusiastic response and active participation of nearly 500 researchers from more than 19 countries. Due to the impact of COVID-19, the conference was held online from April 11 to April 13, Beijing time.

Professor Yan Hong, Vice Dean of the School of Power and Energy, and Professor Feng Zhenping of Xi'an Jiaotong University co-chaired the conference. The conference opened online at 14:00 Beijing time. Professor Yan Hong presided over the conference. Professor Feng Zhenping delivered the opening speech, which warmly welcomed all participants and emphasized China's vigorous initiatives in green power and propulsion and hoped to work with researchers in the global power and propulsion field to achieve green advancement.

To ensure the smooth progress of the work of the conference, the International Cooperation Department of the School of Power and Energy set up a working group to actively plan and formulate the participation plan according to the schedule of the conference. The working group recruited more than 30 Session Chairs and 35 volunteers. The College General Office arranged meeting rooms for volunteers in charge of meeting affairs to ensure the smooth progress of the meeting. In addition, the College has developed a detailed contingency plan for web conferences, which is under the responsibility of the Young Teachers of the Holly Society.

Group photo of teachers and volunteers from Northwestern Polytechnical University

Professor He Guoqiang, Vice President of Northwestern Polytechnical University and Professor Xi Guang, Vice President of Xi'an Jiaotong University, expressed the support of the two universities for the GPPS-Xi'an 2021 conference and then stressed the beautiful vision of green propulsion and power advocated by the conference is the aspiration of all researchers in the field of propulsion and power. They hoped that the conference would be an opportunity to give full play to the creativity of global researchers and provide new ideas, technologies and knowledge to achieve the goal of green propulsion and power.

The Global Power and Propulsion Society (GPPS)-Xi'an 2021 received nearly 400 submissions. Professor Francesco Contino of the University of Louvain served as the Review Chair, and Professor Anestis Kalfas of the University of Thessaloniki served as the Review Co-Chair.

Volunteers from Northwestern Polytechnical University of the International Power and Propulsion Association (IPPA) helped ensure the smooth running of the conference.

Xu Shenren, associate professor of the School of Power and Energy, said, "We are grateful to the Institute for creating conditions that provide an excellent platform for young teachers to exchange technology with world-class experts and scholars in the field." In addition, Associate Professor Huang Sheng said, "The GPPS conference serves as the best platform for exchange with international peers to promote peer exchange and mutual understanding of the cutting-edge developments of industry research. Invited reports and paper reports present the latest research in propulsion power in macro and local detail."

Source: School of Power and Energy

Translator: He Hongyao


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