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 News

Do you remember......

2022-07-05 17:02  

Do you remember four years ago, the one with luggage, admission notice and innocent eyes?

Do you remember the mood when you first came to the school gate?

The first time to see your roommates

First time in the university lecture rooms

First time participating in club activities

First time to experience the charm of academics

The tension and excitement when participating in competitions for the first time


How many "firsts" have you experienced here, and how many times have you experienced growth and transformation

Today, it's time to say goodbye

Do you remember…

The First Encounter and Surprise

On August 30, 2018, sunny, excited, and nervous, you dragged your luggage to the gate of Northwestern Polytechnical University.


Do you still remember the senior schoolmates who helped carry your luggage and guide you on campus?


On August 31, you were deeply shocked by the beauty of the Qinling Mountains and the campus. On this picturesque campus, you started the four-year journey.


On September 3, the 2018 freshman opening ceremony of Northwestern Polytechnical University was held in the Ao’xiang Stadium.


Do you still remember listening to President Wang's speech? His words seem still to echo in my ears.


With excitement, curiosity and admiration, I came to the NPU history museum to deeply understand NPU for the first time. “Loyalty, Integrity, Courage and Perseverance” and “Strong Preparation, Diligent Effort, Practical Attitude, and Creative Innovation” are born in mind!


On October 1, you participated in the flag-raising ceremony in Yuntianyuan playground.


Walk into the teaching building and wander in knowledge sitting in the bright and clean classroom.


Many years ago, the chief engineers in the classrooms like us. Can I be like them in the future?


The “urban garden” Youyi campus, is featured by the simple south gate. The ancient and elegant old library and the Green Avenue with Chinese parasols on both sides...You always can feel the quiet and beautiful campus here.

On October 23, the school held an astronaut salon and invited two astronauts, Yang Liwei and Wang Yaping. You’ve felt the charm of aerospace through their explanations.


The Struggle and Growth

On January 1st, 2019, the new year ushered in the jubilation of the New Year party in the Ao’xiang stadium.


Run, jump, and feel the joy of sweating on the playground!

It’s said that some NPUers stay up late on Labour Day? What were they doing?

Mathematical Modeling!


Summer social practice has begun! Integrate youth into practice and measure the world with your steps! It’s said that some students went to COMAC headquarters. Do you remember where you went?


Metalworking practice has begun! Where is the hammer you sharpened now?

Do you still remember the first model aircraft released by yourself?


Remember the joy of winning the prize?


January 1st, 2020, the Countdown Party.


The COVID-19 pandemic was coming, although we can't meet each other, our hearts have never been so close. When online teaching started, do you still remember the "Best Direct Broadcasting Rooms" of our teachers?

Finally back to school! NPU, I'm back!



On September 10, we gave flowers to our beloved teachers at the Teachers' Day Award Ceremony. "Thank you! Dear teachers!"


The annual Persimmon Festival! A day of picking persimmons happily.

Who hasn't participated in the "Sanhang Cup" in four years of campus life?


In 2021, something was missing when there is no Countdown Party.

It doesn't matter! You experienced the wonderful courses in NPU several times instead.

In September, we were lucky to join the volunteer team named "little Qin Bao" for the 14th National Games, and the women's volleyball athletes also praised us!


The Gratitude and Harvest

Students who successfully passed the tests will certainly thank themselves for studying in the library.


On December 25, 2021, we will not forget the wind and snow on the day of the postgraduate entrance examination, let alone those faculties who guarded us.

We walked through together the lockdown.

The struggles had finally paid off. Thanksforourefforts over the past four years and thanks for our teachers and classmates!

The day of farewell is approaching.

Before leaving, take another look at the four seasons in NPU, the beauty you never want to miss.

Please take a picture of your favorite food again before you leave.

Say thanks to them.

Finally, take a photo with the ARJ21 which has accompanied us for countless days and nights before leaving!


Clouds and snow in Qinling Mountains

The morning breeze around Qizhen lake

The Chinese parasol on Youyi campus

The days and nights on Chang'an campus

More than 1000 days and nights together have long been branded in the depths of my heart

Goodbye, my favorite NPU

Goodbye, that laughter and tears

Goodbye, my teachers and friends

Goodbye, NPU!

Don't say goodbye

Looking forward to seeing you again!

Source: NPU News

Translator: He Hongyao


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