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 News

QMES Held a Teaching Materials Construction Seminar on Education and Teaching Review and Evaluation

2022-11-03 17:16  

On October 14, 2022, QMES held a teaching materials construction seminar on education and teaching review and evaluation, so as to implement the spirit of the National Conference on Teaching Materials and the Conference on Ideological and Political Work in Universities, accelerate the construction of high-level all-English teaching materials, further standardize the selection and management of teaching materials of QMES, and give full play to the function of teaching materials in education. Dai Fuping, Party Secretary of QMES, Fan Xiaoli, Dean of QMES, Cheng Yin, Vice Dean of QMES, experts of the Teaching Materials Committee including Luan Xingang, Liu Jianxi, Liu Zhe, Wang Jun, Wang Haifeng, Zhang Ying, Gao Pengfei, Shi Xuetao, and staff of the Teaching Affairs Office of QMES attended the meeting. The seminar was presided over by Dai Fuping via Voov Meeting.

Firstly, Fan Xiaoli summarized the implementation of QMES teaching materials review, including system guarantee and teaching materials selection. She reported on the basic situation of teaching materials construction, the completion of the construction, construction projects of QMES, the achievements, the problems and plans for future work. She extended her gratitude to all the experts for their support for the review and selection of teaching materials of QMES, and hoped that experts would put forward more constructive opinions and suggestions on the construction of teaching materials of QMES.

Afterwards, Dai Fuping interpreted the “Rules for the Management of Teaching Materials” of QMES. He stressed the importance of teaching materials to education. He hoped that experts could strictly check political and academic aspects of teaching materials. First, all self-compiled and selected teaching materials should be subject to a strict check of political direction to stay committed to the idea of moral education. Second, it is necessary to pay attention to political and academic combination of teaching materials, as well as the scientificity, advancement and applicability of the content of teaching materials. Third, it is significant to provide academic empowerment, combining the professional advantages of QMES to compile a number of excellent teaching materials with the characteristics of JEIS.

The experts at the meeting expressed their opinions based on their own teaching experience and the actual situation of QMES, which provided a reference for the construction of the teaching materials of QMES. Wang Jun considered that the construction of teaching materials should start with PPT and gradually transform to the construction of all-classic English teaching materials. Luan Xingang proposed that the teaching materials currently used by QMES were English classics, but they were published earlier, hence the data standards were slightly different from the existing domestic data standards. He suggested that Chinese teaching materials should be used as teaching aids to help students’ understanding. Wang Haifeng suggested that the compilation of English textbooks should be carried out in accordance with teaching work. At present, the self-compiling of Chinese textbooks for Thermodynamics and Phase Transformations is in progress, and the compilation of English textbooks is under planning.

Dai Fuping hoped that experts would adhere to high standards and strict requirements to check the political and academic aspects in order to improve the quality of teaching materials. According to the relevant requirements of NPU and the actual situation of teaching materials construction, QMES will further optimize and strengthen the management of the compilation, review and selection of teaching materials to comprehensively promote the construction of teaching materials to a higher level, and make a contribution to the improvement of the quality of JEI.  

Text: Fan Lanyu

Picture: Fan Lanyu

Editor: Wu Sijia

Review: Dai Fuping

Translator: Li Qianqian


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