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 News

QMES Held a Special Seminar on the Further Study of the Class of 2023 Graduates

2022-11-15 10:32  

On November 1, 2022, QMES held a special seminar on the further study of the class of 2023 graduates. Fan Xiaoli, Dean of QMES, Dai Fuping, Secretary of the Party Committee of QMES, Cheng Yin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of QMES, and other relevant staff from the Office of Teaching Affairs and the Office of Student Affairs attended the seminar. It was chaired by Fan Xiaoli.

First, Liu Jia, as the counsellor of the class of 2023 graduates, introduced the survey result of the students’ development intentions after graduation. Due to the influence of COVID-19 and the international situation, compared with the QMES’ previous two batches of graduates, the class of 2023 graduates are less enthusiastic about studying abroad. However, the number of students intending to take the national postgraduate entrance examination has increased. Huang Quanzhang, Director of the Office of Student Affairs, introduced some useful experiences and effective measures on helping undergraduate students to study further that are proposed at such seminars of NPU, for example, one-on-one assistance from senior students.

Dai Fuping gave some instructions based on the students’ specific situations and QMES’ talents cultivation objectives. First, investigating students’ development intentions after graduation, promoting ledger management, and realizing the accurate guidance of “one student, one method”. Second, continuing to promote ideological and political work in-depth, and guiding graduates to make life plans from a broader perspective. Third, mobilizing students’ motivation for international and diversified development and helping them enhance their global competency in practice.

Fan Xiaoli analyzed the graduation data of the class of 2023 graduates by combining the situation of previous two batches of graduates. She pointed out that, first of all, it is important to make clear the orientation and characteristics of QMES, and insistently promote all sorts of work according to the actual situation. She emphasized that it is necessary to mobilize students on further study further, make sure the relevant information of the universities and majors that students apply for, and provide assistance in accordance with the actual needs of students.

Finally, Fan Xiaoli demanded that all the teachers of QMES should earnestly implement the spirit of this seminar and make concerted efforts to promote high-quality development of the class of 2023 graduates both in further study and employment.

Text: Liu Jia, Cheng Yin

Picture: Liu Jia

Editor: Wu Sijia

Review: Fan Xiaoli

Translator: Li Qianqian


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